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Agriculture Two Way Radios


Wi-Com Solutions for Agriculture and Farms

The agriculture and farming industry has changed a lot over the years. Easy and efficient communication with employees in the office as well as out in the field is needed to get products out to market, otherwise wasted crops can occur, which is time and money at the same time!

Providing you with a communications solution for instant communication, near or far, with reliable next generation systems, products and services that withstand all unpredictable terrain and environments. Wi-Com Solutions understands agriculture is a proud part of Western Canadian history, and it has changed a lot over the years.

We know how to create seamless communication, for as wide as you need, like the next generation communication systems customized to your unique systems.

Wi-Com Solutions provides your organization with two-way radio solutions, which mean means higher productivity, lower operating costs, and avoiding costly delays. They can be used throughout the entire farming process. From planting to harvesting to shipping, our rugged two-way radios will be there to give you the communication system catered to your operation. A large line up is ready for you from MOTOTRBO Digital Radios and traditional two way radios to Push To Talk solutions which connects two way and cellular together.

Wi-Com Solution combines the top manufacturers in the wireless communications industry and creates a custom solution to ensure your products get to market quickly, increase your team’s safety, enhance coordination and efficiency – preventing any delays that are a risk to your operations.

We work tirelessly with your team to understand each of your specific needs, providing you with the essential, cost effective tools that are customized to you, because when you win, we win!

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