Custom Engraving for Your Business Assets = Feel More Confident

Feel more confident knowing that your assets are branded!

Asset engraving has become increasingly important for businesses of all sizes, government organizations and agencies.   Wi-Com Solutions knows all too well the importance of decreasing asset loss while increasing profit.

Why Choose Service PLUS+ Engraving for Your Business?

Whether you have purchased your assets through Wi-Com Solutions or you have acquired your equipment elsewhere, we will work with you to help reduce asset loss and theft through our engraving service.

What we Engrave:

  • Wood, Plastic, Metal

  • Two-Way Radios and Headsets

  • Satellite Phones and GPS

  • Cameras and Audio Equipment

  • Laptop Computers

  • AV Accessories

  • Asset ID tags

The Benefits:

  • Higher likelihood that the property will be returned to owner.

  • Serves as a deterrent as criminals are less likely to steal marked property

  • Stickers can be pealed off and engraving is permanent

  • We can engrave your equipment with your branded logo and contact details

  • Engraving your brand on equipment can also serve as advertising

  • Helps separate equipment ownership during multi-contractor projects

  • Helps in tracking inventory of equipment

  • Engraving can be filled to the color of your choice

Engraver Description

The M40 is well suited to engrave trophy plates, plaques, corporate awards, plastic or metal badges, jewellery, gifts and pens, as well as for engraving, functional and technical signage, electrical labels and other industrial and retail plastic or metal applications.  The engraver has a compact 8"x12" engraving table with a host of industry leading features. The machine includes a vice clamp and flat table for easily engraving gifts, signs, name tags and more.  Adjustable speeds, depths, and multiple pass options make for the most accurate engraves.
Our integrated engraving software allows us to import your vectorized company logo, add text in multiple font options, and size it to the available engraving area.

Basic Engraving prices:

Two-way radio and two-way radio accessories engraving:

Satellite phone and satellite phone accessories engraving:

$60 – Design and programming fee for logo and text (includes client review).

$30 – Design and programming fee for text only (includes client review).

$10 – Per unit engraved (4"x4" max, Plastic, wood, and flat surfaces only).

  • $4 - Per unit engraved one color filling (4"x4" max, plastic, wood, and flat surfaces only).

$16 – Per unit engraved (4"x4" max, metal, aluminum, and flat surfaces only).

Get In Touch!

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