Alta Cloud-Based Video Security Systems

Rethink security with Alta’s cloud-based video surveillance solution that brings full AI video analytics and operational insights to your existing cameras and systems.


Discover the power of cloud-based intelligence

Open, scalable, secure and easy to use, Alta Aware is an enterprise-grade, cloud-based AI video management system (VMS) equipped with integrated machine learning capabilities.

Achieve true proactive security with AI analytics

Get greater insight into what’s happening at all your sites, at any moment, from anywhere in the world. Leverage AI-driven intelligence to accurately identify potential security threats, so you can take control of the situation. With Alta Aware cloud-based video analytics, you can:

Detect and classify anomalies based on perimeters and behaviors

Differentiate between people, vehicles and other objects

Map movement across your sites

Receive real-time alerts with thumbnails, time and location data

Investigate smarter and faster

In all security investigations, time is of the essence. Help your users and security operators complete forensic investigations with Alta Aware’s intuitive event, object and similarity search. Transform the manually-intensive examination of massive surveillance footage into accurate and useful results within minutes instead of days.

Enhance your operational awareness

Gain occupancy awareness in property management and customer behavior analytics in retail and public venues to improve the customer experience. Optimize cleaning, heating and cooling effectively, and monitor workplace productivity through hot-desking insights. Monitor traffic flows, understand and act on hot spots and high-traffic areas, and access other relevant occupancy data to improve business operations.

Protect your data and information

Alta Aware facilitates full compliance and security by default, delivering complete peace of mind to your IT team. With automatic updates of the software from the cloud, end-to-end encrypted data and metadata plus secure, remote access from anywhere in the world, it’s never been easier to prevent cybersecurity threats. We manage all your product licenses through the cloud, enabling a controlled, proactive process for ensuring your system is always up to date.

Get started quickly and integrate with what you use every day

Deploy Alta Aware Cloud directly or use one of our highly performant Cloud Connectors to achieve a friction-free transition to the cloud, gain local storage capacity and power your third-party cameras with AI analytics and storage. Integrate Alta Aware with your existing security cameras, access control systems, dashboards, monitoring systems, sensors and APIs to get more value and visibility in a single view.

Bring intelligence to every site with Alta Aware

Our cloud-based video analytics software enables 360-degree awareness across all your sites, whether you use Avigilon Ava cloud IP cameras or connect Atla Aware to existing cameras, sensors and viewers.

Map view with Smart Presence

Add maps of all your locations and facilities in Alta Aware to gain enhanced situational awareness insights.

Video view with Spotlight

Powered by deep learning, Alta Aware uses Spotlight to bring only the most relevant feeds to the operator's attention.

Timeline with Smart Presence

Find specific events in Alta Aware's AI-powered video view that highlights people, vehicles and overall motion separation.

Fast Investigations with Smart Search

Comb through countless hours of video quickly using appearance and image detection powered by machine learning.

Why organizations choose Alta for cloud video

Designed to make managing any number of sites and locations simpler, Alta cloud-based security camera systems bring critical moments into focus so you can respond effectively.

Intuitive user interface

Stay focused and efficient with tools, interfaces and processes that automatically adjust for your contexts and needs.

Alta Aware mobile app (Android, iOS)

View live video, triage alarms and manage security from anywhere with our mobile app that mirrors the Alta Aware web client.

Access control integrations

Watch detailed accounts of alarms associated with access control points and review entry and exit attempts in real-time.

Easy to install, use and manage

Alta Aware makes it easy to add cameras and maintain simple, scalable management with group configuration policies.

AI video and audio analytics

Our solution detects anomalies in real time and proactively identifies threats so you can take action before they escalate.

Cloud-native deployment

Secure, encrypted and automatic software and firmware updates that minimize downtime without disrupting your day-to-day.

Make the most of our open security ecosystem

Unlock the power of the Alta platform with our open APIs and integrations to connect the systems, tools and devices your teams use every day. Integrate best-in-class environmental sensors, like Halo and Disruptive technologies, to improve safety and security, increase situational awareness and streamline operations.

Best-of-breed cloud video and access control

Improve visibility and increase efficiencies with our powerful, unified, end-to-end security suite. Alta video integrates natively with Alta access control, empowering your organization with a best-in-class, cloud-native video and access control solution to protect what matters most.

Build a complete cloud security camera system

Get the most out of your video security system with Avigilon Ava cloud-based IP cameras. Enable smarter, more flexible video management with cloud security cameras that have AI analytics built-in.

Avigilon Ava Dome Camera

The AI-powered, cloud-enabled Dome camera is versatile, robust, fit for outdoor camera use and effortless to install and manage.

Avigilon Ava Bullet Camera

The bullet security camera provides two powerful wide and tele lenses, 4K image sensor and IR illumination for sharp images.

Avigilon Ava Cloud Connectors

The Cloud Connector makes your existing IP cameras smart with AI, video analytics and cost-effective cloud management.

Avigilon Ava Compact Dome Camera

Install the small, lightweight Compact Dome in indoor spaces for cost-efficiency without sacrificing best-in-class performance.

Avigilon Ava Flex Camera

A wireless camera for small businesses, offices and commercial buildings. Quick setup, easy-to-use and powerful cloud video surveillance.

Avigilon Ava Quad Camera

Install the Quad camera in locations where you want full visibility over wide spaces or to bring focus to four different areas as needed.

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