We help you prevent overpaying

Wi-Com Solutions Inc. helps prevent you from overpaying for their mobile device expenditures by utilizing Telecom Expense Management.

We apply our cloud based mobile analytics software to complex wireless AND Wireline carrier billing feeds from all major carriers including BELL, TELUS, ROGERS, AT&T and Verizon. We help identify waste, abuse and provide cost savings and control opportunities with minimal client or IT involvement.

When applied with our Service PLUS packages and our BELL Mobility clients we can provide completely hands-off service by providing up to 35 customized reports. We proactively make client recommendations based on this data using our experience and knowledge of current rates and competitive know how. This is all done is a completely secure environment in the cloud and delivered to key management’s e-mail inbox.

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Service Plus


  • Typical cost savings of 20%-30%
  • Reduced roaming charges
  • Ability to identify waste and abuse (i.e. Extreme data use, downloads, roaming, high usage)
  • Most companies at best offer semi annual checks. Our program works every single month
  • Decision makers are given tools they’ve never had before to manage their people
  • Better and quicker decisions & greater confidence
  • End user report distribution
  • Monthly service agreement – no contract T.E.M.

Organizations are experiencing this:

  • Expectation to monitor devices with limited resources- this is time consuming and costly
  • Lots of “moving parts” making it difficult to manage
  • Carrier invoicing is not user friendly
  • Multiple carriers add complexity
  • Expectation to deliver meaningful reports each and every month
  • Feel that they are “Over Paying” but do not know where to start

The Solution – Service +PLUS

  • Web based analysis & reporting that easily allows us to manage and report wireless usage
  • Financial governance via our expense management solution
  • Laser focus + rapid implementation = immediate results
  • Little or no customer resources required
  • Powerful reporting  “Tells you what you need to know”

How it works:

We use the electronic billing feeds directly from the Wireless Carrier(s) billing portal.

Our clients provides us with a login and password access and we do the rest.

The clients organizational directory is also imported into MethodiCall for cost centre reporting and allocation.

Reports are generally available in a matter of hours and key reports delivered monthly.

Wi-Com Cellular Solutions

Wi-Com, award winning BELL Mobility dealer, introduces an industry first fully concierged telecommunication services with TEM (Telecom Expense Management) software.

Choices from a full variety of service portfolio’s with dedicated local support, complete hardware support with Apple and Samsung. Complete I.T. services for your all your business needs, including valuable recommendations on new wireless products and services.

SERVICE +PLUS Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Discount on Cell accessories 10% 15% 20% 30%
Month to Month/ No contract or set-up fee
Customized monthly reports from Wi-Com TEM
Accounting/Management reports delivered monthly
Hardware reports with re-contracting/ hardware specials
Procatively instead of reactively seek savings
Multi-Carrier Pro-actively instead of reactively repair billing issues with BELL
Rate plan/feature management
Roaming management and support
Waive equipment exchange fees ($25 Value)
Waive SIM card fee ($9.95 SIM and $10 Fee)
Waive activation fee ($35 Value)
Email set-up/ support ($25 Value)
Phonebook swap ($25 Value)
Multi-media swap onto external storage ($25 value)
Software reflashing
T-Support on hardware issues/training
Same-day door to door full service concierge/courier shipping included
Dedicated hardware/ software/ firmware support from in house IT professionals
Loaner pool of premium phones provided by Wi-Com that we’ll manage
Full concierge support on hardware/plans with 24 hr turnaround
Preferred pricing service for out of warranty repairs/ screen repairs
Preferred rental phones for short term needs or global roaming
Fully managed I.T. support for smartphones/tablets
Fully managed MDM (Mobile Device Management)
Microsoft exchange/Office 365/ Google
Fully managed form solutions, GPS/AVL, IOT, IT needs and support

Let’s talk!

Our wireless business experts collaborate with you to better understand your industry and business, create a custom wireless business plan designed to meet your specific business and financial objectives.

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