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Why is My Cell Service So Bad?

You’re texting, chatting on the phone, or streaming when suddenly, your connection falters. Your calls drop, messages take forever to send, and videos start buffering.  Well, you are not alone!  If your cell service goes from decent to unstable, there is always a reason.

A few reasons this might happen:  Building Materials, Cell Tower Distance, Heavy Cellular Traffic, Landscape, Weather, Blocking Your Antenna, Low Battery, Cosmic Events, Reflective Coatings on Windows and Your Phone Holds onto a Poor Cellular Band even when a Better one is Available.

Why buy when you can rent?

  • Protect your cash flow.
  • You always get the latest technology that works as cell providers modify cell bands.
  • Your job site might be temporary and require a specific system design.
  • Rentals can include site installations and maintenance.
  • Test a system before investing in a permanent installation.
  • You might be using a short term rental vehicle.
  • We can provide upgraded high gain antennas and even swap out your system if it does not work for you.

Examples of sites requiring a rental

  • A mid-sized sector panel and a high-gain booster can flood an entire arena for a farmers market or other event so sellers can use a POS terminal.
  • A film set needs cell service in a remote area for a few days to shoot some scenes and send back footage via cellular data.
  • A mine quarry has poor cell service and only needs it due to safety concerns for a 1 month period. A large sector panel can flood the entire site with cell service.
  • A small gas monitoring station needs cell data to transfer information but not cell service. A booster with a cellular data hub will help with that.
  • A construction site has multiple Atco trailers but the cell service won't penetrate them.  A system with a small sector panel mounted on the roof will push the cell service into the trailers.
  • A construction company is working along a portion of a river in a valley and having no cell service is a safety concern.  A booster powered remotely on the top of the valley and a sector panel pointed down into the valley will assist with providing cell service.

**Before renting, provide us with information on your situation and we will determine what the best course of action is and if a booster system is the right solutions for your site.

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