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Wi-Com Solutions for Construction

Rugged intelligent communication, increasing productivity, strengthening safety, boosting efficiency.

Providing you with the perfect communications products and services for flawless next generation communication systems – we know how important high-quality equipment is for your project or operation, let us provide you with the most durable intelligent radios to withstand all areas of your needs.

From your crew on the ground, contractors contacting other contractors, to your crane operator – Wi-Com Solutions pairs with the top manufacturers in the wireless communications industry.

We understand how important fail-resilient communication is to you in all areas your work, remotely or locally.

Providing you with the radios and products you need to get the job done, keep your staff safe, and keep your productivity at the highest level of efficiency. We work tirelessly with your team to understand each of your unique projects or operations, providing you with the essential tools that are customized to you, because when you win, we win!

Rugged Intelligence – Top Products Trusted By Us & You

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Our communication experts are happy to collaborate with you, to better understand your industry and business, create a custom system designed to meet your specific business and financial objectives. Get set up for optimum productivity.


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