Fleet Management made easy

- Idling

Reduce idling across your fleet to save on fuel, reduce engine wear, and make our environment greener. It saves the average fleet $39,000 in one year.

- Speeding

Want an extra ~$34,000 in your annual budget? Put a stop to speeding. You’ll save on fuel consumption and potential tickets plus you’ll have a safer fleet.

+ Compliance

Avoid tickets, fines, and even harsher penalties by ensuring your fleet is 100% compliant. We offer ELDs, inspection tracking, and basic IFTA reporting.

+ Productivity

Improve productivity and time efficiency with improved dispatching and accurate tracking of each day’s start and end times, inactive hours, and true mileage.

+ Safety & Security

Protect your assets and reputation with 24/7 tracking. Quickly find stolen units, curb reckless driving, and monitor after-hours activity.

+ Fleet Value

Boost fleet value via regular fleet maintenance. You’ll preserve vehicle resale value while reducing engine strain and avoiding costly breakdowns.

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About fleet management

Never miss a thing. With the best reporting times in the industry, you can sit back and watch your fleet units move on the map.
From Dispatching and Fleet Maintenance to Lone Worker Safety, you’ll have a clear handle on every aspect of your fleet.
Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) for Fleet Compliance. Gain HOS compliance with the FMCSA through our certified ELD hardware, apps, and desktop platform.
Have all of your fleet analytics appear in your inbox like clockwork.
Get a higher GPS location update frequency than you will anywhere else. You'll capture every single change in speed, direction, ignition and more.

The Software

Centralized Fleet Management Done Right. Latitude is GFI System’s newest fleet management platform available to all of our clients regardless of the GPS tracking device you choose to use. Using Latitude, you’ll have all of the tools needed to effectively manage your fleet from a single login. View your vehicle locations, monitor your drivers’ behaviour, and use in-depth reports to improve your fleet performance.

The Hardware

Telematics Devices for Diverse Fleets. GFI Systems offers 3 main GPS tracking devices, along with a variety of other specialized devices to ensure that your fleet’s exact needs are met efficiently and painlessly. You’ll also have dozens of accessory options for optimal cellular coverage, input monitoring, and driver coaching. Regardless of the hardware you select, you’ll have access to our Latitude Fleet Management software, installation resources, and 24/7 support team.


Our fully compliant ELD solution that will ensure your drivers’ Hours of Service (HOS) are correctly monitored and reported. It integrates seamlessly with our fleet management software Latitude and utilizes the ELD-certified GFI 4230 device already recommended for professional GPS Tracking and Fleet Management so no additional hardware is required. As with all of our products, you gain access to our 24/7 hour highly-trained support team and our 20+ years of industry experience.

Not sure which device is best for you? Give our experts a call and we can advice you on the one that suits your needs the best.

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