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Wi-Com Solutions for Forestry

Wide, rugged, reliable, seamless communication, increasing operations, enhancing coordination and team organization.

Providing you with the perfect communications products and services for seamless, reliable next generation communication systems – we understand your industry has unpredictable environments and terrain, you need to ensure your workforce has the most intelligent communication systems that does not lack in durability and performance.

Wi-Com Solutions pairs with the top manufacturers in the wireless communications industry, we know nothing creates seamless communication for as wide or short as you need like the next generation communication systems customized to your unique systems.

You’ve hired the best team, let us provide you with the radios to connect and monitor your workforce on all roads, conditions, terrain and weather. We work tirelessly with your team to understand each of your unique needs, providing you with the essential, cost effective tools that are customized to you, because when you win, we win!

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