Wi-Com Solutions for Education

Increasing your top priority – the safety and security of students, and staff.

Providing you with the perfect communications products and services for seamless next generation communication systems, allowing instant contact between staff, public safety and everyone in-between.

Wi-Com Solution pairs with the top manufacturers in the wireless communications industry to provide your school with the safe, secure environment that we know is your top priority.

Not only does our communication instantly connect staff, but our devices also allow your team of dedicated professionals to keep track of children on the move, monitor buses and routes in real time, link districts and staff together on one device.

Your industry relies on safety and security – allow your staff to increase their reach and productivity with students by letting us provide you with the most intelligent communication solutions.

Let us help you close the gaps of your top priority – creating the safe, secure environment that you need with ease. We work closely with your team to ensure that you have the best solutions for your unique school or district – when you win, we win!

Motorola For Education

Find Out How Motorola Has Changed Your Industry

Safety & Security – Top Products Trusted By Us & You

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