Wi-Com Solutions for Health & Education

Increasing your top priority – the safety and security of students and staff with top of the line communication and video security solutions.

Providing you with the perfect communications products and services for seamless next generation communication systems, allowing instant contact between staff, public safety and everyone in-between.

Wi-Com Solution pairs with the top manufacturers in the wireless communications industry to provide your school with the safe, secure environment that we know is your top priority.


Motorola Solutions WAVE PTX™

Connect your entire team across Canada on all devices including dispatch, SOS, & tracking!

Motorola TLK 100, TLK 150, & WAVE PTX provide schools and health organizations new ways to keep their teams connected. This system makes use of existing, nationwide cellular networks as well as your own Wi-Fi infrastructure.  It brings with it the opportunity for staff in office environments to communicate with teams in the field on virtually any communications device.

This means that a principle working from a desk in Calgary could activate the WAVE App on their phone, click on the PTT button, and communicate directly with a school bus driver using a portable radio in Cochrane.   Dispatch and GPS tracking are also available under the WAVE system which is perfect for coordinating your shipping, receiving, and school bus fleet operations!


Safety Reimagined – Video Security and Access Control

Today’s safety and security needs have evolved. Organizations are seeking solutions to help combat COVID-19, including the ability to effectively trace contact and interact with others from a safe distance. Avigilon’s safety and security solutions provide organizations the capability to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

THERMAL CAMERA TECHNOLOGY Contactless method of pre-Screening people at access points. Detects and notifies operators if individuals exhibit indications of elevated body temperatures.

OCCUPANCY COUNTING TECHNOLOGY AI-powered video analytics to detect and track the ingress of people into your establishment.

SOCIAL DISTANCING TECHNOLOGY AI-powered analytics on Avigilon video security cameras can continuously monitor social distancing efforts within your facility.

NO FACE MASK DETECTION Individuals not following health guidelines around the use of protective face masks can be detected using Avigilon video analytics on video security cameras.

CONTACT TRACING WITH ACCESS CONTROL Contact tracing can help ensure your workforce stays safe by helping to prevent contamination in your facilities.

Two Way Radio Rentals, Sales & Service

Encrease your efficiency with a faster way to communicate


Two way radios keep your projects on track through better coordination of your staff, warehouse, security and transportation department. Address the daily challenges of staff and student safety, meet the pressure to coordinate events on time and avoid costly mistakes.

Wi-Com Solutions also offers SERVICE +PLUS on purchases so you can be sure that your two-way system is protected and maintained.

Contact our sales team for the right solution and browse some of our recommended Motorola and Icom products!

Rentals Plus


Wi-Com Solutions has one of the largest most modern two-way radio rental fleets in Canada.  We rent high quality handhelds including IS radios, truck mounts, repeaters and complete CITY WIDE trunked systems from trusted Manufacturers like Motorola and Icom.

Why Rent?

We look after the programming, frequency licenses, maintenance, and repairs so you can focus on your operations while saving company cash flow.

Visit our two way radio rental page and contact one of our rental professionals to get set up!


Authorized Motorola Warranty Repair Service
Professional FCC Certified Repair Technicians
Large parts inventory for faster turnaround times
Two-way radio are fully tested after repair and before returning to the client
Mission Critical Radio Systems Specialist
Professional and  Commercial Radio Elite Specialist
Motorola Manufacturer Representative
We provide Service +PLUS maintenance packages to all two way radio owners


VoIP+ Solutions.

Business Voice Systems: Lower cost with increased functionality!

A fully-managed phone system in the cloud. Focus on what’s important. Move your business forward. Enterprise-grade communications at an affordable cost. Advanced customer-focused features.

VoIP makes easy what seems impossible with traditional phone networks.

Take your VoIP phone with you on a trip, and anywhere you connect it to the Internet, you can receive your incoming calls. When using VoIP phones, you can easily work from anywhere with a good internet connection..

VoIP Business Voice System
VoIP Business Voice System