Protect valuable corporate data and secure your mobile infrastructure.

Mobile device management (MDM) simplifies the deployment, security, monitoring, management and support of smartphones and tablets through cloud-based or on-site solutions. With greater intelligence, security and control across all devices connected to your corporate network, you can better secure your data without restricting your employees’ choice of device.

With MDM, network administrators can wipe, lock, and reset devices – allowing them to manage and restrict the use of corporate applications and prevent security threats.


Three reasons to choose Wi-Com Solutions for your MDM

Running on Canada’s largest LTE network Mobile Device Management lets you:

Protect your data with our encrypted network.

Our secure network uses an encrypted radio link between cell towers and employees’ mobile devices, ensuring only approved communications are transmitted. This means your conversations stay within your organization.

Stay connected on Canada’s largest LTE network.

Bolstered by a network with exceptional uptime, we ensure your corporate data is always available so you can securely provide your employees with access to the company resources they need to stay productive while out of the office.

Enjoy end-to-end support.

With several of the best in class Mobile Device Management partners, Wi-Com Solutions offers 24/7 monitoring. We also provides services that help you migrate your mobile devices over to your new MDM solution. More information coming soon.

Key features of Mobile Device Management solutions:

Corporate business application usage monitoring
Prevent data leakage by controlling the use of corporate applications and content on both employee and corporate-owned devices.

Policy compliance assurance
Set device policies, restrictions, roaming alerts, and monitor compliance in real time.

Remote device wiping
Prevent security threats and data leakage with the ability to wipe, lock, and reset devices remotely using a web-based portal.

Support for all platforms
Whatever your preferred operating system, we can ensure all of your security requirements are met.

Corporate and personal data separation
Keep your employees personal and business information separate, allowing you to manage corporate information while maintaining employee privacy. Your workers will be able to switch between work and personal applications with the push of a button.

Remote device management (RDM)
Without the hardware in hand, troubleshooting and supporting mobile devices can be difficult. With RDM solutions, you can remotely control, support and troubleshoot mobile devices wherever your team is located. Resolve issues instantly – reducing downtime for people and devices, and improving productivity for your business.

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