Public Safety

Wi-Com Solution pairs with the top manufacturers in the wireless industry to provide, service and maintain effective communication for your entire crew, your assets and fleet.


Wi-Com for telecommunication solutions in Canada for developments in the Oil, Gas and Mining

Canada is starting to see a turn for the Oil and Gas Industry. You need communication devices that ultimately ensure safety for your team. From tank monitoring and fleet management to lone worker safety.

Cloud-based computing and wireless also known as Internet of Things – I0T– have created a new era of safety for lone workers, going beyond current safety standards. Reliable Intrinsically Safe two way radios for Oil & Gas Industry.

With increased visibility your company will:

  • Lessen the safety risk of remote lone workers
  • Be compliant with gas detection or company safety procedures
  • Decrease the manual time/cost for tracking down lone workers, verifying their practices, collecting data along with checking the maintenance status of vehicles and tanks
  • Lower the risk of lost assets
  • Keep your valuable reputation

Intelligent Tools

The most intelligent and durable tools for petrochemical plants, oil and gas refineries, and drilling rigs.

We can equip your team with wireless and radio solutions that allow cost effective, easy methods to communicate, to allow notification of any safety issues, even if your crew can’t let you know themselves with Man Down Technologies.

Motorola for Oil, Gas & Mining

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