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    The cloud-native Ava Flex wireless commercial security camera provides the lowest barrier to entry for smart, simple cloud video transformation. An ideal solution for organizations and small businesses with distributed locations, like retail stores, commercial real estate, hospitality facilities and dealerships.

  • The Motorola RDU4103 provides your business with a competitive communications edge, enhancing employee efficiency and overall profitability.

    Affordable and easy to use, the RDU4103 Series helps keep your operations on schedule, maximize job-shift productivity, enhance security and increase overall customer satisfaction. Compatible with other radios operating on the same frequency and code, this radio features and benefits include Customer Programming Software, ChannEl Aliasing and Rugged & Water Resistant

  • The WeBoost Drive Reach Overland is the newest in-vehicle cell phone signal booster, specially designed for overland and off-road vehicles.
  • SureCall 5G 8 Bands Mobile Booster, Supports Band 2/4/5/7/12/13/25/66

    Stay connected with reliable voice, text & 4G LTE data on the road with the Fusion2Go 3.0, a popular amplifier which offers the best gain and power for a cell phone signal booster designed for the car, truck or SUV.

    Li-Ion, 2500mAh, BT110 Battery


    Curve combines simple, intuitive radio operations with advanced, Wi-Fi enabled features that help your team stay connected, productive and focused on their work.

    Stay connected and on-task with a radio that delivers cutting-edge, distraction-eliminating features in a simple, user-friendly design. Curve will not slow you or your team down.

  • 15" Minibar RENTAL

    The 5590 Series LED minibar features an innovative design combining Reflective and TIR Optic LED modules to provide superior 360º warning. The TIR Optic modules produce a highly intense, focused and long distance beam to the front and rear of the vehicle while the Reflective modules ensure optimum 360º coverage by producing a dispersed, wide-angle beam to the sides and corners. The 5590 also offers 18 flash patterns and permanent mount models can be synchronized to operate multiple lights alternately or simultaneously. MAG MOUNT AND SUCTION CUP OPTIONS AVAILABLE. 7 DAYS: $15:00 14 DAYS: $25.00 21 DAYS $35.00 30 DAYS $45.00  

    Protect your sites with long-range perimeter protection in areas with poor visibility. The Avigilon H5A Thermal camera combines Next-Generation Video Analytics with powerful heat-sensing technology to see through complete darkness and the toughest conditions, such as smoke, mist and foliage. This versatile camera can detect the presence and movement of people and vehicles that could otherwise be missed by a visual camera. Sites can also support safety applications with the camera’s radiometric capabilities to identify hot spots or overheating objects.*


    Versatility meets high performance in the analytics-enabled Avigilon H6SL camera line. The camera line comes equipped with Next-Generation Video Analytics to proactively detect critical events and provide you with superior situational awareness of your site. Available as a bullet or dome form factor, these flexible cameras can fit into an extensive range of indoor and outdoor applications in education, commercial, government, retail and hospitality sectors for optimal protection of people and property.

  • TLK 110 two-way radio

    A device designed for you and built to last

    The TLK 110 combines the flexibility of push-to-talk communication via LTE with the reliability of a rugged, purpose-built radio. With its effortless device management capabilities, the TLK 110 can be optimized for seamless operations, leaving your business safer, smarter and better connected.

  • MOTOTRBO™ R2 Portable Two-Way Radio

    Be Reliable.

    A next-level workhorse, the MOTOTRBO R2 marries durability and ergonomics to ensure confident, easy handling. And with superior range, configurable audio and seamless integration, the R2 is a reliable addition to an uninterrupted workday.


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