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    Protect your sites with long-range perimeter protection in areas with poor visibility. The Avigilon H5A Thermal camera combines Next-Generation Video Analytics with powerful heat-sensing technology to see through complete darkness and the toughest conditions, such as smoke, mist and foliage. This versatile camera can detect the presence and movement of people and vehicles that could otherwise be missed by a visual camera. Sites can also support safety applications with the camera’s radiometric capabilities to identify hot spots or overheating objects.*


    Versatility meets high performance in the analytics-enabled Avigilon H6SL camera line. The camera line comes equipped with Next-Generation Video Analytics to proactively detect critical events and provide you with superior situational awareness of your site. Available as a bullet or dome form factor, these flexible cameras can fit into an extensive range of indoor and outdoor applications in education, commercial, government, retail and hospitality sectors for optimal protection of people and property.


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