As our flagship radio for fire and rescue, the APX 8000HXE is designed for the most hazardous conditions. Because the APX 8000HXE is certified to Div 1 HazLoc standards, you can be confident entering areas where unknown chemicals and gases add to an already dangerous situation.



Respond with Confidence
Certified to Div1 HazLoc standards, the APX 8000HXE is safe to use in areas where there are high concentrations of flammable gas, vapor, liquid or dust.

All Bands, No Boundaries
The APX 8000HXE transmits and receives on all commonly used frequencies, so your fire and rescue workers can communicate with different agencies using the same radio.

Sound Matters
Make sure you can hear - and be heard. The APX 8000HXE adaptive audio engine gives you the loudest, clearest audio in any environment.

Conquer Chaos
With a water-tight seal, drop-resistant dual battery latch, pressure-tested tempered glass display and a shock-absorbing aluminum alloy endoskeleton, the APX 8000HXE is built to survive everything from falls to floods.

Purpose-Built, Mission Ready
Communicate instantly when lives are on the line. With an intuitive design and exaggerated controls, the APX 8000HXE is purpose-built for fire and rescue workers.

All the Support you Need
Motorola Solutions offers three levels of service plans—Premier, Advanced, and Essential—so you can manage in the way that suits you best.



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