Easy, efficient and essential

APX N30 connects your teams in public works or other municipal roles to reliable P25 radio communications with all the essential features they need and nothing they don’t ﹘ delivering APX performance in a pared down, cost effective package.


Seamless communication from a sleek radio.

Easy to use and simple to manage. The APX N30 single-band P25 portable radio connects your teams to reliable P25 radio networks with all the essential features they need and nothing that they don’t. The radio solution for mobile workers in public works and other municipal roles looking for APX performance in a pared down, cost effective package.


Simple and sleek form factor

Radio dropping

IP68 water immersion certified

Connectivity dots

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS

Person with soundwaves

ViQi Basic Voice Control


Slim and safe. Easy and efficient.

Small and sleek, it’s a radio that’s easy to carry while being tough enough for use in harsh environments. Large controls, programmable buttons, an easy-to-view display, large keypad and ViQi basic voice control make it simple to use on the go. And with loud and clear audio, crucial messages get through, even in noisy environments.

Communication essentials.

The APX N30 is a single-band device that works reliably and securely across a variety of frequencies, modes and protocols. It connects seamlessly with accessories, sensors and other devices via Bluetooth 4.2 or Wi-Fi. With SmartConnect, it can even switch between radio coverage and Wi-Fi broadband connections.

Streamlining fleet management.

Customers can choose whether to program their APX N30 radios offline or optimize fleet management by programming them in batches to save valuable time and resources. With a portfolio of software services and tech support, radios stay safe and reliable throughout their lifetime.


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Wi-Com’s Two-way Radio rental experts will collaborate with you to better understand your industry and business so we can create a custom plan designed to meet your specific business and financial objectives.


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