Keep your agency focused and moving forward within the public safety ecosystem.

APX N70 combines the best audio possible with sophisticated features in a rugged design. Access radio details in three ways - voice, touchscreen or hard controls. Expand intelligence in the field via optional LTE and smart applications.


Safety and focus on the frontline is paramount.

Reliable and clear portable radios that are rugged and easy to use, are non negotiable. Advanced features working in a larger public safety ecosystem must deliver actionable intelligence for increased situational awareness. Our APX N70 smart radio is for this purpose. It provides police and other first responders the mission-critical communications and real-time information they need to stay connected and respond safely in any situation.



LTE, WiFi and Bluetooth for ultra-connectivity


Mission-critical all-weather touchscreen

Enhanced audio

Enhanced audio for louder, clearer voice

Extreme ruggedness

Designed and tested for extreme ruggedness

Apps platform

Application platform, for advanced capabilities


Exceptional ergonomics, for high-stress situations

Battery life

The power to endure, up to 14hrs of battery life

New antenna technology

Short antennas, for comfort and wearability


Made for the mission and the environment

It’s inherently rugged with a 3” toughened touchscreen display, extra programmable buttons and superior impact resistance. Intuitive interfaces, large knobs, and ViQi voice control ensures reliable eyes-up operation in extreme conditions – a lifeline for a new age of frontline response.

Adaptive audio that is second to none

Wherever they’re working, officers will hear and be heard with the loudest and clearest audio possible. Talk into either side of the radio and the intelligible HDR mic inputs reproduce voices with uncompromising clarity. Algorithms filter out unpredictable background noise and adjust volume to the environment.

Connectivity maximized

The APX N70 works reliably across a variety of frequencies , modes and protocols. Hardware encryption algorithms and batch radio programming tools for easier updates keep communications secure and ensure devices always have the latest software.

A lifeline that is upgradeable

Optional next generation features such as LTE and smart apps enhance in-field intelligence for improved situational awareness so first responders can respond with focus and efficiency.



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