AXIS M42 Dome Camera Series

AXIS M42 Dome Camera Series


Affordable varifocal domes

  • Great images up to 4 MP
  • Varifocal lens with remote zoom and focus
  • WDR, Lightfinder and OptimizedIR
  • Support for analytics with deep learning
  • HDMI output for public viewing monitors


Great images from every angle

AXIS M42 Dome Cameras offer great image quality with forensic details even in challenging light. They deliver 4 MP for wide 4:3 view and 3 MP for 16:9 aspect ratio, with a viewing angle up to 100°. The cameras offer a flexible field of view and include a 3-6 mm varifocal lens letting you adjust zoom and focus from remote locations. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) ensures clarity even when there’s both dark and light areas in the scene. And, thanks to Lightfinder, you also get sharp, color images in low light.  And the model with OptimizedIR Illumination provides exceptional clarity and sharpness even in pitch darkness.

Extended possibilities

These compact and discreet domes offer great possibilities to add value to your camera and extend the functionality of your surveillance system. With a deep learning processing unit (DLPU), AXIS M42 cameras enable unique opportunities to take advantage of analytics based on deep learning on the edge. The cameras come with AXIS Object Analytics enabling reliable detection with fewer false alarms. They feature an HDMI port that lets you display live video on a public viewing monitor and offers the flexibility to add audio or I/O connectivity using accessories. Furthermore, Axis Edge Vault protects your Axis device ID and simplifies authorization of Axis devices on your network.

Designed for discretion

The compact dome design means AXIS M42 cameras can be discreetly installed so they aren’t easily noticed. Thanks to the wide range of accessories, the cameras can be mounted just about anywhere indoors. They can be repainted to blend in seamlessly with any interior, and with the smoked dome cover available as accessories, you can conceal the direction in which the camera is pointing.  Plus, thanks to its dust-resistant casing you can be confident it’s safe and secure.

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AXIS M4216-LV Dome Camera mounted on wall from leftAXIS M4216-LV AXIS M4216-V Dome Camera mounted on wall from left angleAXIS M4216-V
Max video resolution 2304x1728 2304x1728
Horizontal field of view 100-45 100-45
Lightfinder Lightfinder Lightfinder
Wide dynamic range WDR WDR
OptimizedIR Y
Remote zoom Y Y
Remote focus Y Y
Analytics compute capability DLPU DLPU
Zipstream Y Y
HDMI Output Y Y
Vandal rating IK08 IK08
Axis Edge Vault Y Y

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