Eartec HUB – Six Person Full Duplex Wireless Intercom

Eartec HUB – Six Person Full Duplex Wireless Intercom



5 x Wireless UltraLITE headsets Single w battery

1 x Wireless UltraLITE headset Double w battery

1 x 8 Pack battery charger and power cord

1 x Soft carry case


Eartech HUB – Six Person Full Duplex Wireless Intercom Package

UltraLITE Single are self-contained, full duplex wireless headsets with one speaker.  They include a flexible gooseneck microphone boom assembly that swivels 270 degrees to be worn on either left or right. Single muff headsets are preferred by users that need to keep one ear free / open to monitor their ambient environment while communicating.

Since all UltraLITE headsets are field programmable, the base systems listed below are expandable and can even be incorporated into a HUB or Interface system to accommodate your growing needs.

Li Poly batteries and Multi-Charger included with every new system.

UltraLITE Double headsets provide professional pro audio performance to demanding production crews across a multitude of industries that need to talk while working with their hands.

These specialty wireless headsets feature all electronics including a compact radio built inside the ear cup. This streamlined design eliminates wires and belt packs.

In addition the systems operate without complicated base station repeaters. This means that UltraLITE Double are not only rugged and simple to use they are affordable too.

All complete UltraLITE come packaged in a softside carry case for safe storage and transport to your “On Location” jobsite.

Li Poly batteries and Multi-Charger included with every new system.

The HUB is a revolutionary digital repeater that provides full duplex wireless communication to larger production staffs. This versatile Mini Base weighs only 9 oz. and can either be placed strategically “on location” or belt worn. When clipped comfortably it moves seamlessly with your group allowing crews to talk simultaneously within a 400 yard range.

Two operating channels are built-into the HUB circuitry so that separate groups of four can talk privately, and pressing the conference button combines the two conversations creating an eight person open line. A dual pin jack is included that allows addition of a wired headset extending the talk net to nine users. For those projects where the talking pattern needs to be expanded even further two HUBs can be linked together increasing capacity to 16 transceivers all connected in full duplex.

The HUB features a dual power option, rechargeable Lithium battery and AC wall plug (both included). The battery can be charged externally, is field replaceable, and also charges when the HUB is operating under wall current.

An Interface module is available making it simple to add full duplex wireless headsets to existing permanently installed wired intercoms. To learn more about this terrific capability visit the HUB Interface page.

The Eartec HUB is an affordable solution for large crews that need to stay in constant voice contact while working with their hands. It is offered in two series, with UltraLITE self-contained wireless headsets or UltraPAK belt pack style transceivers and plug-in lightweight headsets for those users that need discreet operation.

Select the series from the two options: Hub w/ UltraLITE or HUB w/ UltraPAK . Your brand new, complete duplex intercom will be shipped in a soft side case ready to go right out of the box.

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