Eartec – UltraLITE Single Master Headset w/ Battery


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UltraLITE are breakthrough full duplex wireless headsets that provide hands-free, two-way voice communications. At the heart of these systems is a specialty “Master” headset that relays the digital signals generated by up to three “Remote” units. The resulting open line talking pattern allows up to 4 people to talk simultaneously without pushing buttons.

Only 1 left in stock


Eartec UltraLITE Single Master Headset w/ Battery

UltraLITE Single headsets provide professional pro audio performance to demanding production crews across a multitude of industries that need to talk while working with their hands.

These specialty wireless headsets feature all electronics including a compact radio built inside the ear cup. This streamlined design eliminates wires and belt packs.

In addition the systems operate without complicated base station repeaters. This means that UltraLITE Single headsets are not only rugged and simple to use they are affordable too.

All complete UltraLITE come packaged in a softside carry case for safe storage and transport to your “On Location” jobsite.

Li Poly battery and Charger included


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