The Eartec UPCYB5 is a professional full duplex intercom for four people that need to communicate and work with their hands. This compact system features the Hub mini base to be placed on-location, or belt-worn.  Also included are four Remote UltraPak beltpacks with Cyber lightweight headsets. UltraPak utilize Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology (DECT) to provide professional, simultaneous talk wireless communication within a quarter mile range.


Up to 400M Range in open space

Rechargeable Lithium batteries

3 Hour Charge Time

6 Hour Operation Time

Field Replaceable

5 x Eartec ULP1000 UltraPAK Beltpack with Battery
5 x Eartec Cyber Lightweight Headset for UltraPAK
1 x Eartec UltraLITE Hub Transceiver
1 x Eartec UltraLITE 8-Battery Charging Base
1 x Eartec Soft Padded Case for Ultralite - Large

Expandable up to 7 users: 6 wireless headsets + 1 wired


UltraPAK are compact, powerful full duplex transceivers designed specifically for crews that need hands free, voice communication and also require discreet, lightweight headsets. This traditional beltpack / headset configuration affords the flexibility of selecting between midweight and lightweight headsets and provides outstanding full duplex performance within a 300 yard range.

UltraPAK are the smallest full duplex radios on the market weighing only 2.5 oz. They feature an ergonomic cabinet and a military clothing / belt clip. The silicone sealed microphone mute button includes an LED that illuminates red when engaged indicating that the microphone gain is cut off. A volume control assembly includes 5 “Up or Down” settings, and the headset jack is a simple, robust, 2 pin style.

Another terrific feature of UltraPAK systems is that the Lithium Polymer batteries (included) charge externally and are field replaceable. This allows you to keep spare charged batteries on hand extending the run time of your system indefinitely.

Up to eight UltraPAK transceivers can be connected in full duplex through The HUB, a digital repeater that includes two channels of communication. Pressing the CH combine button links all UltraPAK in the system.

An added benefit is that HUB transceivers can be utilized as an additional beltpack expanding the capacity to a crew of nine all communicating in full duplex. When two HUBs are interlinked the talking pattern can be expanded even further up to 16 users. The featherweight Cyber and lightweight Monarch are the most popular headset models for the UltraPAK because they feature a discreet back-band design that provide a comfortable unisex fit. The SST, a miniature ear bud with lapel mic is a popular “talent” headset.

If you need to add full duplex wireless to an existing, permanently installed wired system in an auditorium, church, or production studio then the HUB Interface with UltraPAK is an affordable, sound solution. The HUB Interface is a software controlled module creates a seamless audio link allowing up to 8 roaming wireless users to communicate with the wired system in full duplex just as if connected by a floor cable. Check out the HUB interface page for a detailed explanation.

Since UltraPAK are field programmable you can always modify your system adding components at any time expanding the talking pattern as your needs grow.

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