Flex2Go ™ Canada

Voice & Text Cell Phone Signal Booster for Vehicles

  • Boosts voice and text signals for all North American cell carriers
  • Reduces dropped and missed calls
  • Increases signal strength & extends battery life for all cellular devices
  • Supports multiple users simultaneously
  • Sets up in minutes – simple plug and play install


Flex2Go for vehicles boosts voice and text for all major North America cell carriers. SureCall cell phone signal boosters are ideal for use with hands-free cell phone car systems or Bluetooth devices.

Dropped calls and slow data speeds are history, as the Flex2Go provides clear and consistent coverage for multiple cellular devices in any vehicle. End the frustration of weak and unreliable cellular signal with the Flex2Go.

Kit Includes: Flex2Go cell phone signal booster, magnetic roof-mounted antenna, interior patch antenna (with Velcro mounting tape) and standard 12V DC power adapter.


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