Waterproof Analog / Digital IDAS UHF Portable Radio, 400-470 MHz, 5W, 512 Channels, Built-in GPS Receiver, Inversion Scrambler Built-in, with Full DTMF Keypad
Comes with antenna (FA-SC57U), battery (BP-232WP), belt clip (MB-94R), owners manual


IC-F4360DT IDAS™ Portable Radios

The F3360D/F4360D, a waterproof VHF/UHF portable radio series that promotes NXDN™ Type-C trunking and NXDN conventional systems. Icom’s new radio also features built-in GPS, 800mw loud audio and advanced emergency functions. This series, combined with the new Type-C F5360D mobile series, are the latest additions to the company’s IDAS™ product line.

Icom’s new F3360D/F4360D is Type-C trunking compatible and provides system features such as 15-bit digital scrambler, stun/kill/revive (RX), and various calls (e.g. paging, all, broadcast, individual etc.). The introduction of this radio allows Icom to offer a line of interoperable solutions for NXDN’s two trunking protocols: Type-C (control channel based) and Type-D (distributed logic based).

The F3360D/F4360D utilizes an intuitive menu-driven interface and is available in either 4-key and full keypad configurations. The radio also features an integrated GPS receiver, allowing current position data to be attached to voice or data (status or emergency signal) transmission. Additionally, the radio features Man Down and Lone Worker functions, which alerts dispatch if the portable radio is left in a horizontal position or has not been operated for a set duration.

Like all Icom radios, the F3360D Series meets Mil-Spec standards. It is rated IP67 for dust-tight and waterproof protection. The radio’s rugged construction, coupled with its powerful 800mW audio output, makes this subscriber unit perfect for outdoor operation. For complete portable and mobile applications, the F3360D/F4360D portable complements Icom’s new F5360D/F6360D Type-C mobile radio.

eneral Features:

– Analog and digital conventional / IDAS mixed mode
– Built-in GPS
– Lone worker function
– 2 step reduced power setting
– Busy, repeater lockout function
– Escalating alarm
– Surveillance function temporarily turns off the LED backlight and beep sound
– Detects both analog and IDAS conventional signals and automatically selects the transmission mode to reply to received call

Digital Features:

– IDAS™ conventional
– IDAS Type C trunking
– NXDN® Digital Air Interface
– Transparent data
– 64 Radio Access Numbers (RAN)
– 1 site and multi-site individual and group call
– Strongest site search
– Forced site search


– MDC1200
– CTCSS / DCS encode and decode
– DTMF decode


Inversion scrambler built-in. Digital voice scrambler provides 15-bit key (about 32K codes)

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