Inmarsat IsatPhone 60 MINUTE North America Monthly Service Plan

Inmarsat IsatPhone 60 MINUTE North America Monthly Service Plan




IsatPhone North America Monthly Plans include 15-200 minutes of airtime each month and no activation fees. Designed to offer the very best value for isatPhone voice access within North America, these plans are ideal for IsatPhone users that primarily use their phone within Canada or USA*. They can also be used globally.

With an IsatPhone North America Plan, you’ll enjoy superior value, no activation fees, responsive service and the ease of monitoring your airtime usage online.

IsatPhone North America Monthly Plans Highlights

  • Optimized for users within North America, but can be used globally
  • No activation fee
  • Optional voicemail and US number available
  • 12-month term, then renews monthly until canceled


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Inmarsat Coverage Map

Inmarsat uses three geostationary satellites to provide coverage almost anywhere. Each covers up to one-third of the Earth’s surface, and coverage extends from latitudes* of approximately -82° to 82°.

Inmarsat Coverage Map

IsatPhone North America Monthly Plans Terms & Conditions

Hidden costs aren’t our style. We believe in giving you all the details.

  • 1-year minimum term commitment, after which plans will auto-renew monthly until cancelled
  • You cannot downgrade your plan for the first 12 months. Plan upgrades will reset the contract term to take effect on the date of the change.
  • Unused minutes do not carry forward month-to-month
  • Early termination fee applies (equal to the plan fee multiplied by the months remaining)
  • Included airtime applies to calls made from the North America region to numbers within the North America region
  • Calls outside of North American region billed at $3.50/min
  • Additional usage will be billed at the standard airtime rates
  • Calls to check voicemail are considered outgoing calls
  • Roadpost Standard Terms and Conditions apply

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