The Iridium Canada Alaska Prepaid SIM Card comes with 200 minutes, a 6-month expiry and no activation fees. You'll have affordable airtime within Canada, Alaska and up to 12 nautical miles into coastal waters. This prepaid SIM card is perfect for seasonal use, or for anyone on a fixed budget because airtime is purchased in advance.

With an Iridium Canada Alaska Prepaid SIM Card from Roadpost, you’ll enjoy great value and convenient 24/7 online access to activate your card or refill your airtime.


  • FREE incoming calls and text
  • FREE voicemail
  • Minutes valid in region to anywhere
  • No activation fee
  • Convenient online activation and airtime refills
  • Works with Iridium satellite phones and Iridium GO!


Iridium Canada Alaska Prepaid Terms & Conditions

Hidden costs aren’t fun. We believe in giving you all the details:

  • Valid for use within Canada and Alaska, and up to 12 nautical miles into coastal waters.
    • It does not work outside this region
  • SIM cards must be activated within 1 year of purchase
  • The expiry date of your SIM card begins when the card is activated or refilled
  • Airtime balance can be carried forward for a maximum of 3 years
  • Airtime included is estimated based on burn rates*.
    • Usage types can be combined and will be deducted accordingly
  • Calls are decremented in 20 second increments, texts are decremented per message
  • Calls to check voicemail are considered outgoing calls
  • Airtime can be refilled at the then current retail rate of the card, prior to expiry.
    • When you refill, your unused minutes roll over, your expiry date is automatically extended
      • from the refill date and you retain your original Iridium phone number
  • Regional prepaid cards operate in designated regions for targeted customer groups.
    • There is a small percentage of instances where the geographic restriction will extend or
      • retract from the regions listed and service is not guaranteed
  • Embargo restrictions apply, please check with the local Consulate and refer to the Iridium Coverage section
  • Roadpost Service Terms apply

TIP: If you will be traveling outside Canada and Alaska, the Iridium Global Prepaid Card or

Iridium Global Monthly Service Plan may be the best option.

*Note: Please refer to the Burn Rate Table

Iridium Canada/Alaska Prepaid Min Burn Rates

Iridium Canada/Alaska Prepaid Card 200 Min 500 Min
Iridium Units 4,800 Units 12,000 Units
Landline or cellular (from card region to North America) 24 units 24 units
Landline or cellular (from card region to outside North America) 48 units 48 units
Voicemail retrieval 18 units 18 units
Other Iridium 18 units 18 units
Text messages 12 units 12 units
Other satellite networks 324 units 324 units
Data calls (originating within region) 36 units 36 units
Voice calls FREE FREE
Text messages FREE FREE
Two-stage dialled 36 units 36 units

*Note: Burn rates are per minute unless otherwise specified.

Iridium Network Overview

The Iridium network is largest commercial satellite network in the world and the only network that offers true global communications coverage over 100% of the planet. Uniquely, Iridium satellite coverage map spans Earth’s polar regions and every inch of land, sea or sky in between.

Reliable, seamless voice and data coverage everywhere is a compelling advantage of the Iridium communications network, but there’s more. Iridium’s low-earth orbiting (LEO) network advantage also enables the use of smaller omni-directional antennas, resulting in devices with a compact, lightweight and streamlined form factor and shorter network registration times. In a nutshell, Iridium is a great choice for anyone that wants to have access to satellite voice and data anywhere on earth, or wants to be able to use their satellite phone while moving around.

The Iridium constellation consists of 75 satellites (66 operational and 9 in-orbit spares) that are cross-linked in space just 780 kilometers above Earth. Because Iridium is the largest constellation, and orbits closer to earth than other networks, Iridium users enjoy worldwide access to phone, text, or data services with shorter network registration times and low communications latency. The large number of cross-linked Iridium satellites also makes it easier to maintain a connection while walking-and-talking on your satellite phone, while a variety of external antenna and docking stations can be used to extend the utility of Iridium devices for use in a building, vehicle, small plane or on a vessel.

Iridium network coverage map

Does the Iridium Network Cover the Entire Planet?

With a constellation consisting of 66 low-earth orbiting (LEO) satellites, cross-linked to operate as a fully

meshed network, several overlapping satellites ensure coverage over the entire globe.

With Iridium there are no coverage gaps and an independent study found that Iridium satellite phone call

quality and call completion rates are superior to its competition. This is one of the reasons that the US

Military uses Iridium communications network.

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