Iridium GO! Prepaid SIM Cards provide global voice, text messaging and data access for the Iridium GO! device. There’s no activation fee and cards can be activated and refilled online. With 6-month and 12-month expiry options to choose from, these prepaid cards are perfect for seasonal use or those on a fixed budget, because airtime is purchased in advance.

All Iridium GO! prepaid cards can be used globally for voice, data and text messaging. The 3000 SMS and 6000 SMS cards are better value for text messaging use, offering much lower burn rates for each text than the 400 and 1000 Data Minute cards.

With an Iridium GO! Global Prepaid SIM Card from Roadpost, you’ll enjoy great value and convenient 24/7 online access to activate your card or refill your airtime. time.


Iridium Coverage Map

Only Iridium provides 100% global communications coverage

Iridium logoStay connected everywhere. Iridium is the leading commercial satellite network in the world and the only one that provides voice and data communications across every inch of the planet — including the earth’s oceans, airways and polar regions.

Iridium network coverage globe

Iridium GO! Prepaid Card Terms & Conditions

Hidden costs aren’t fun. We believe in giving you all the details.

  • Iridium GO! SIM cards can be activated online within 1 year of purchase
  • The expiry date of your Iridium GO SIM card begins when it is activated or refilled
  • Maximum expiry period per account is 2 years
  • Expiry dates are calculated by combining the expiry periods. Expiry periods are cumulative for a maximum of 3 years
  • Iridium GO! data per minute rates are applicable to use with the Iridium GO! device only
  • Airtime included is estimated based on burn rates. Usage types can be combined and will be deducted accordingly
  • Calls are decremented in 20 second increments, texts are decremented per message
  • Calls to check voicemail are considered outgoing calls
  • Please refer to the Burn Rate Table
  • Cards can be refilled with airtime at the then current retail rate of the card, prior to expiry, by logging in to your Roadpost online account. When you refill, any unused minutes carry forward, the expiry date is automatically extended and you retain your original Iridium phone number
  • Use your Roadpost online account to extend the expiry date without having to refill airtime.
  • Call or text 2888 from your Iridium device for current balance and expiry information
  • Existing balances from other Iridium prepaid cards cannot be transferred to Iridium GO! prepaid cards.

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