Motorola MOTOTRBO R7

The MOTOTRBO R7 two-way radio is one of the latest MOTOTRBO professionally enhanced radios that offers a variety of features to make communication crystal clear and your team more efficient. Not only does this radio include a powerful new speaker for clear calls, but it also includes features such as a durable design, longer battery life, and a call playback feature to playback calls that were not heard the first time.

When Motorola designed MOTOTRBO R7 two-way radio, they took the top three communication problems that customers have and set out to solve them: audio quality, coverage, and device durability. Designed with the user in mind, the R7 combines the technology of existing radios with new technology to outperform its predecessors. For instance, not only does this radio have durable features to keep this radio lasting long but its housing is also the first chemical resistant two-way radio on the market - a versatile feature for workforces in the medical industry.

The MOTOTRBO R7 is the ideal digital radio for critical voice communication and delivery. Along with Bluetooth® and integrated WiFi features, you are able to talk wirelessly, perform remote software upgrades, and track indoor and outdoor locations. With features such as trunking support and legacy analog technology, your organization can stay connected even while it grows.



Powerful Speakers for Clear Audio

When communication is key to your workforce, the MOTOTRBO R7 offers game-changing audio capabilities. The Motorola R7's powerful speaker boasts a loudness of 102 phones - that's four times louder than a shouting conversation! For extra noisy environments the R7 can be programmed to an extra loud profile.

Additionally, the R7 takes technology to its maximum capabilities with the following audio features:

  • Adaptive Dual Microphone Noise Suppression allows your team to clearly hear each other - even over the loudest noises.
  • Automatic Acoustic Feedback Suppression uses the latest technology to cancel out the feedback of close-by radios - ideal for situations where communication in tightly packed areas is crucial.
  • Intelligent Audio monitors the background noise that surrounds your team and automatically adjusts the speaker volume ensuring that your calls are always at the correct volume.

For situations that call for a more customizable audio experience, the MOTTRBO R7 offers a variety of accessories designed to make communication easier than ever.

Call Playback Feature

When working conditions get noisy, the R7 radio has you covered. New to the MOTOTRBO R7 two-way radio is the audio recording feature that allows you to playback a call. Now, when you can't hear a message that just came through - or you just weren't ready for it - the R7 gives you the ability to playback the last message that was sent to you so your team can respond efficiently. Not sure if you need the Call Playback feature right away? The R7 is built to grow with your needs and can easily be upgraded to include this feature at any time.

Thin Durable Design Built to Perform

The R7 two-way radio was designed to meet the growing needs of two-way radios users. To start, the R7 offers a thinner profile than its predecessor, the XPR 7000 two-way radio. Due to advances in battery technology, the thinner battery (and up to 28 hours of talk time) offers a sleek profile for a better grip and better comfort.

Furthermore, the MOTOTRBO R7 is tested to meet military standards.  With Motorola’s Accelerated Life Test program, the R7 UHF and R7 VHF radios survived a simulated five years of hard service before they can go to market. Even the impact-resistant screen on the R7 is built to withstand the elements - it can withstand multiple drops onto concrete. And new to this two-way radio is housing material that is specially designed for the medical industry to resist a variety of disinfectants and decontamination substances. 

The R7 two-way radio also provides the following ratings:

  • IP68 rating means the R7 is protected from complete water immersion up to two meters for two hours.
  • IP66 rating means the R7 is protected from direct impact from highly pressurized water jets.
  • Intrinsically safe means the R7 can be used in hazardous environments without the risk of ignition or fire.

M-Radio Mobile Control Application

The M-Radio Control MOTOTRBO application is an add-on feature that connects the R7 two-way radios to your smartphone. The app includes a wide range of widgets to help improve the functionality of your radio. This includes managing channels and calls, searching and changing channels, and accessing recent channels and call lists.

R7 Two-Way Radio Controls

With more features than ever before, the R7 offers a variety of options in a sleek and ergonomic design.

Motorola R7 Radio Overview
Motorola R7 Radio buttons overview

Motorola MOTOTRBO Radios - R7 Models

The Motorola R7 price and models vary depending on your needs.

  • AAH06JDN9WA1AN -R7 VHF Digital - full keypad model WIFI capable keypad model that can be upgraded to WIFI enabled at a later time with a WIFI license.
  • AAH06RDN9WA1AN - R7 UHF Digital - full keypad model WIFI capable keypad model that can be upgraded to WIFI enabled at a later time with a WIFI license.
  • AAH06JDN9RA1AN -R7 VHF Digital - WIFI enabled full keypad model.
  • AAH06RDN9RA1AN - R7 UHF Digital - WIFI enabled full keypad model.
  • AAH06JDC9WA1AN R7 VHF Digital - WIFI capable non-keypad model that can be upgraded to WIFI enabled at a later time with a WIFI license.
  • AAH06RDC9WA1AN R7 UHF Digital - WIFI capable non-keypad model that can be upgraded to WIFI enabled at a later time with a WIFI license.
  • AAH06JDC9RA1AN R7 VHF Digital - WIFI enabled non-keypad model.
  • AAH06RDC9RA1AN R7 UHF Digital - WIFI enabled non-keypad model.
Motorla R7 Keypad and Non-Keypad Front Display
Motorla R7 Keypad and Non-Keypad Front Display

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