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Bridge Connection between Radio Systems
The VE-PG4 interconnects with two or more radio systems, even when the systems are using different bands and different categories. All received audio is bridged to opposing radio system. The built-in digital voice converter converts analog audio to IDAS™ compatible digital audio.

Telephone Interconnect
The built-in simplified SIP server can assign extension numbers to IDAS™ radio terminals and IP advanced radio terminals as well as IP phones. A radio user can initiate phone calls. Phone users can make individual or group calls to the connected radio users.

IP Advanced Radio System Gateway
The VE-PG4 interconnects IP100H, IP communication terminals, and IP501H/IP501M, LTE transceivers with conventional radio systems. GPS position data from LTE transceivers can be obtained and transferred to a PC for GPS tracking*.
* GPS mapping software required for GPS data (future).

Multi-site Connection between VE-PG4s
Two or more VE-PG4s can be connected through LAN or LTE (4G) and 3G networks*. The communication area can be flexibly expanded, and dispersed radio sites can be connected, regardless of distance and/or the radio system used.
* Service availability depends on the country. Network coverage provided by a custom SIM card.

  • Wireless LAN IP Advanced Radio System controller (Equivalent to the IP1000C function) built-in, capable of controlling up to 50 IP communication terminals
  • IDAS™ Conventional and NXDN™ Type-D multi-site trunking connection • IC-SAT100, Satellite PTT transceiver connection* (* Planned feature)
  • Base station operation with optional microphone • External equipment, sensor connection • Serial Pass-through function
  • Voice recording function to a USB drive* (* User supplied) • Half-width 1U form design • Router functions with VPN tunnel
  • Web-based configuration setting • SIP server and IP-PBX functions • SYSLOG and SNMP
  • Abnormal condition monitoring such as LAN port link-down and SIP server registration error • Administrator password • Security slot

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