Weboost – Drive 4G-X OTR


Affordable multi-user truck booster

Drive 4G-X OTR is our standard multi-user cell phone signal booster for truck and semi-truck use. It’s designed to reach towers at distances up to 33% farther than the weBoost Drive Sleek OTR.  With its OTR Truck antenna, Drive 4G-X OTR stops dropped calls while also improving voice quality, data speeds, and streaming capability.

Drive 4G-X OTR works on all US and Canadian carrier networks and is compatible with all phones and cellular devices as it simultaneously supports multiple users.

5G Ready – WeBoost boosters will work for the next decade and beyond.

Reaches cell towers up to 33% farther than the Drive Sleek OTR / 17” antenna height for greater range / Variety of CB-antenna mount options / Best value for a multi-user booster


In the box

Drive 4G-X booster / 17” OTR Truck Edition Antenna / Slim Low-Profile Antenna / Power Supply / Mounting Bracket / (2) Mast Extensions – Coax Cable Side-Exit Adapter / 3-Way CB-Antenna Mount / Antenna Spring / Cable Adapter / Thread Lock Packets

How it works

1  Outside antenna pulls in cell signal from the closest tower.

how it works diagramDrive 4G-X OTR-HIW-Step1-min

2  Booster amplifies the signal received by outside antenna.

how it works diagramDrive 4G-X OTR-HIW-Step2-min

3  Inside antenna distributes this new signal throughout vehicle.

how it works diagramDrive 4G-X OTR-HIW-Step3-min

Drive 4G-X OTR Spec Sheet

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