WilsonPro Drive OTR Antenna Truck Edition

WilsonPro Drive OTR Antenna Truck Edition


The Drive OTR Antenna is a versatile, high-gain omnidirectional trucker antenna made for weBoost in-vehicle boosters. Notable for its customizable installation options and separate mast extensions, it’s capable of extending its height from 7.5” up to 40” for optimal range.

With its 13” and 18” mast extensions, 3-way antenna mount, SMB-to-SMA adapter, spring base, and threadlocker, the Drive OTR antenna easily fits semi-trucks, fleet vehicles, or overlanders.


The Drive OTR antenna’s all-weather, all-terrain construction meets current U.S. Military 810H and NEMA IP66 standards. Our most durable antenna yet is resistant to high wind gusts, low tree branches, rain, dust, dirt, and more. Additionally, the improved low-loss antenna cable optimizes performance on the road for all carrier networks and devices.

Drive OTR Antenna Truck Edition (698-2700 MHz) Spring Mount and Mirror Mount Kit Includes 901104 – 3 Way Mount

Covers 700, 800, 1700, 1900, 2200 MHz cellular
• All modes, voice and data
• High gain signal output
• Antenna can be configured into multiple lengths
from 7.5-40 in.
• Off-road rated to MIL-STD 810H for shock and
• Works with standard CB antenna mounts, includes
3-way mirror rail mount
• Connects to mobile cellular boosters
• IP66 rated for outdoor use
• Assembled in USA
• 2 year warranty

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