Public Safety


Wi-Com Solutions for Public Safety

Fail-resilient constant communication, enhancing safety, security, and overall productivity. Providing you with the perfect communications products and solutions for instant and wide contact.

Wi-Com Solutions pairs with the top manufacturers in the wireless communications industry to provide and equip all Public Safety professionals and personnel with solutions that are fail-resilient, no disruption, instant communication and reach anyone locally or provincially.

Always Available Communication

  • Many layers of resilience protect against disruption
  • Safe, secure communications from hackers and eavesdroppers
  • Trust whenever you need coverage and capacity, you have it
  • Unlimited mobility

Interoperable Collaboration

  • Increase coordination and information transmission with voice, text, location and data across all platforms
  • Gain the Project 25 (P25) advantage
  • Access the incomparable P25 and broadband network collaboration

Future Ready Platform

  • Have all your unique needs met by the customizable ability of the software-defined platform
  • Maximize control and efficiency with software applications
  • Seamless voice and data with the union of P25 and broadband

Project P25 Systems – Always Available Communications

Protect against disruptions with multiple layers of resilience, secure your communications from eavesdroppers and hackers, know you have the coverage and capacity where and when you need it most.

Seamless Communication

Motorola P25 System

Always available communication, robust security, future ready intelligence – book your demo today!

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