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See why so many businesses choose Wi-Com/Bell Mobility. In many industries, instant communication is vital for business operations. Whether your team members are on job sites, making deliveries, or working in an office or warehouse, you can connect in less than one second with the push of a button. Push-to-talk (PTT) from Wi-Com/Bell uses the same one-touch technology used by some of the largest U.S. carriers – the industry’s clear choice in PTT technology.

Your business success depends on the ability to communicate with your team quickly and effectively, whether your team is in the field or in the office.

PTT Push To Talk

Access our next generation services.

  • Connect with up to 249 people instantly
  • Connect with one or many at the touch of a button
  • Call with PTT while you email, text or browse simultaneously
  • Update contacts and groups in real time on all PTT devices
  • Supervisory override in group calls
  • Make PTT calls, map the location of your PTT users, and record calls from a Windows computer
  • Scan and monitor up to 16 PTT groups at one time and set listening priority for up to 3 of these groups with Talkgroup Scanning
  • Make a one-way broadcast call to up to 499 PTT users for high priority communications
  • Combine PTT with robust workforce, asset and fleet management solutions

Coverage you can trust. Speed that gets the job done.

    • Access Canada’s LTE network, covering over 96% of the national population from coast to coast
    • Extensive LTE roaming coverage in the U.S., covering 95% of the U.S. population
    • Enhanced coverage with secure PTT over Wi-Fi 3
    • Transfer documents and send emails with fast speeds while on the go

Bell has the largest line-up of PTT enabled rugged phones
and accessories.

  • A full range of devices – from the world’s toughest phones to powerful smartphones
  • Accessories tailored to suit any work environment
PTT Devices & Accessories on Bell

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