Trakopolis is a cloud based platform for interfacing mobile communications, software applications and location based services. The platform will enable you to efficiently manage your mobile workforce and assets.

The system provides dashboards and analytics for our customer’s location aware assets, as well as real time alerting, tracking, and administration. Trakopolis will provide significant value to you by decreasing your costs and increasing the efficiency of your business operation. Trakopolis assists customers to be compliant with Lone Worker legislation, Hour of Service Regulations, and International Fuel Tax Agreements. Trakopolis is an enabling platform that combines location-based connectivity with cloud–based analytics to significantly enhance business intelligence.

The Trakopolis Platform is developer friendly meaning that it has a rich Application Programming Interface (API) for integration to third party software application. The platform has an Application store for third party software providers who want to bolt on modules within the Trakopolis web app to extend the functionality of the system. This provides a marketplace for location aware software applications.

Cycle Times
Trakopolis has created a customized cycle time report that allows forestry producers to manage contractor and internal cycle times. Cycle times are used to pay workers and manage the cut blocks operational efficiency.

Connected Gas Detection
Trakopolis, in an exclusive portable arrangement with Honeywell Analytics, has integrated single and four gas monitors to connect to vehicle based routers. Functionality includes reporting and real time alerting on all gas monitor alarms and statuses.

Connected Lone Worker
Trakopolis offers a variety of Lone Worker products including stand-alone solutions for panic alarms, man down pendants, check in out functionality, and Honeywell’s ConneXt Lone Worker offering which combines all of the above.

Fuel and Maintenance
Trakopolis is able to calculate fuel usage virtually, or through a connection through the ECM. Our maintenance reports allow companies to track any number of vehicle and equipment maintenance requirements that are time based, hour based, or mileage/kilometer based.

Learning Management/Certification Compliance
Trakopolis has the ability to manage certifications and internal training by reporting on time based events within an organization. This feature also allows organizations to manage compliance for contracted workers without fully implementing a Learning Management Software.

Routing and Route Optimization
Trakopolis offers detailed routing, and the ability to push routes from a dispatch center to an in cab Garmin. Routes can then be analyzed and compared to dispatch routes for future optimization.

DOT Compliance
Trakopolis offers Electronic Log Books and HOS to commercial drivers, meeting US legislation compliance that mandates the use of Electronic Log Books before December 2017.

911 Live Agent Monitoring
Through a partnership, Trakopolis is able to offer live agent 911 monitoring for the ConneXt Lone Worker solution. This is configurable to an organizations escalation process, and is an additional subscription to the customer.

Sensor Reporting
Trakopolis has the ability to integrate with multiple sensors to enhance the level of business intelligence pulled from a customer’s asset. Sensors include, but are not limited to power take offs, perforation switches, temperature monitoring.

Power Business Intelligence
Trakopolis is fully integrated with Microsoft’s advanced analytics tool, Power Business Intelligence (BI). Power BI works with organizations big data to customize reporting and give them enhanced business intelligence to look for predictive trends and make better business decisions.

GIS Mapping Overlays
Through our enterprise relationship with Google, Trakopolis has the ability to overlay customized mapping that enhances the customer experience. Overlays come from multiple sources, including proprietary customer data and available licensed sources that increase industry value.

System Integrations
Trakopolis advanced and open API, as well as comprehensive reporting/alerting infrastructure allows for custom development projects with Enterprise clients that provides them a customized experience with general configuration within Trakopolis.

Load Board Integration
Trakopolis was founded with the creation of a private load board, CAN Haul. Today we are able to offer this load board as a white-labeled private system, or semipublic system depending on our customer’s needs.

Maintaining a highly available software platform for asset management requires continuous system monitoring on a variety of internal processing metrics, as well as visibility on critical external services which Trakopolis relies upon for up time of all features. The Trakopolis Watchdog refers to a steadily expanding list of custom developed monitoring components which are designed to notify support staff on degradation of service for external or internal systems. This flexible system reduces the risk and degree of potential service disruptions by immediate identification and notification, sending specific details to the technical support escalation team.

Installer App (
Custom application developed specifically for hardware installation, to improve the quality and time efficiency with automated verification of the most common device installations. This application is available for authenticated installation professionals, allowing easier data entry with a bar code reader tool, message communication protocol validation with and image uploads for quality control of installation.

Give our experts a call and we can advice you on the one that suits your needs the best.