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ICOM IC-F1100 / F2100 Series

Compact, Waterproof IDAS Portables

The F1100D/F2100D Series is a sleek portable radio that fits nicely in your hand and designed to be the go to entry to mid level digital radio. Three model choices, basic – no display, simple – display with simple keypad, and full – display and fully DTMF keypad, include an array of features such as IDAS digital mode operation in IDAS conventional and multi-site conventional, intelligent emergency functions, and a rugged waterproof & dustproof chassis. A high-power handling capacity speaker and acoustic improvements provide class-leading (1500 mW) loud and clear audio. This radio is ideal to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses including education, hospitality, and retail.


  • Channels: 16 or 128 channels
  • Output Power: 5W (VHF) / 4W (UHF)
  • Frequencies: 136-174 MHz – 400-470 MHz
  • Waterproof rating: IP67
  • Programmable Keys: 3 or 7
  • Versions:
    • No display
    • Display with simple keypad
    • Display with full DTMF keypad

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IDAS™ Features

The F1100D series provides NXDN™ CAI-based IDAS digital model operation in IDAS conventional and multi-site conventional. The following IDAS features are available:

  • IDAS™ Type-D single-site trunking
  • Analog/digital conventional mixed mode operation
  • AMBE+2™ vocoder
  • Over-the-Air updates the Alias list (call list) without programming (LCD versions)
  • Individual, group and all call
  • Status all and polling
  • Short data messages (LCD versions)
  • Call alert
  • Radio check (RX only)
  • The call list can save up to 500 ID numbers for IDAS or MDC1200 signaling system to show in the alias name

Safety & Security Features

For emergency situations the F1100D series includes an emergency key and four emergency functions: man down, motion & stationary detection, lone worker, and surveillance function.

The F1100D series also includes a digital voice scrambler for low level encryption and an analog voice scrambler (16-code inversion).

Built-in Analog Signaling

The F1100 series comes all the popular analog signaling including 2-Tone, 5-Tone, CTCSS and DTCS for group communication and selective calling. MDC features include PTT ID, Emergency (TX/RX), Radio Check (RX), Stun (RX), and Revive (RX).

Additional Features

  • Channel announcement
  • Siren sound for security alarm
  • AquaQuake™ to clear water away from the speaker grill
  • DTMF auto dial memories
  • “Shift key” function increase the number of programmable key assignments
  • Three color LED

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IC-F3210D / F4210D


Everything you expect in a business radio … Plus Digital!

Extend Your Communication Reach with IDAS™ Multi-Site Trunking


  • IDAS™ digital mode operation
  • Easy to hear in noisy environments
  • Channel announcement
  • Longer operating time
  • Weather resistant, military rugged
  • Internal VOX capability
  • Roaming scan
  • IDAS™ digital mode features
  • PTT ID (TX)
  • Block decode
  • Block decode
  • Call alert
  • Emergency
  • GPS (TX with HM-171GP)
  • Individual/Group call
  • RAN (Radio Access Number)
  • Stun/kill/revive (RX)
  • Remote monitor (RX)
  • Digital voice scrambler


IC-F3210D – VHF transceiver
IC-F4210D – UHF transceiver

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IC-F3230DS/DT – F4230DS/DT


Everything you expect in a business radio … Plus Digital!

IDAS Multi-site Trunking with Superior Waterproof Protection


  • IDAS Digital Mode Operation
  • IP67 Waterproof and Dust-Tight Protection
  • Easy to Hear In Noisy Environments
  • Channel Announcement
  • 8 Character LCD
  • Roaming Scan


IC-F3230DS/DT – VHF transceiver
F4230DS/DT – UHF transceiver

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IC-F3400 Series ICOM

IDAS™ Takes You To a New Level of “Smart”

Now with the new generation of IDAS, Icom takes you to a new level of “smart”. The new IDAS series sports an updated look and design. Its plethora of functions and the attention to hardware details only Icom can provide brings you a solution that makes you look smart and work smart too.

Refinements and enhancements to design, usability and features – combined with the electrical and industrial hardware improvements – further the total reliability of the new IDAS series. This reliability ranges from the “zero adjustment”, non-variance production quality of every radio made to a new and stress-free user experience that masks the real complexity behind this multi-protocol platform. Icom’s product quality is legendary. Look smart and work smart with the new IDAS series. Using is believing.

Small, Slim and Smart

The compact body is made possible from new engineering techniques including the use of a custom SoC (System-on-a-Chip) and flat sheet keypad. The slim dimensions are also supplemented with reduced power consumption, allowing for a thinner battery pack.


High-Resolution Color LCD

The high-resolution transreflective color LCD enhances the visibility both in natural and indoor lighting. Functions and menu items are clearly labelled with easy to understand icons and characters. The night mode LCD setting is an alternative for use in night time or low lighting conditions.

Day mode
Night mode

Menu icons

Multiple Languages

Functions and menu items can be shown in localized languages. English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Simplified Chinese fonts are supported. In addition, voice announcements can be recorded and changed for output in the localized language.

License Key Upgrade

The new IDAS radios can add new functions and protocols with license key options. The radios can be upgraded and customized to meet your specific needs.

NXDN™ Trunking Upgrade

The new IDAS radios are compatible with IDAS digital conventional mode and analog FM mode with auto sensing function. The radios can be upgraded to NXDN Type-C trunking or NXDN Type- D multi-site trunking mode with a license key.

DES/AES Encryption with OTAR

For digital communication security, the new IDAS radios provide basic 4-key DES encryption as standard. When used with the optional UT-134 encryption unit, 256-bit AES encryption and the OTAR (Over-the-Air Rekeying) function are available. The OTAR function allows updating of encryption keys over the radio channel.


For efficiency in radio programming, the OTAP (Over-the-Air-Programming) function allows remote change of programming data (for example adding a new repeater) over the radio channel. The OAA (Over-the-Air-Alias) function sends user name over the radio channel and eliminates needs to program the alias table. Successfully manage your fleet with ease.

Built-in Bluetooth®

The built-in Bluetooth module provides remote operation and hands-free communication paired with a third-party Bluetooth headset*. When connected with Bluetooth telemetric devices or PC terminals, data or files can be wirelessly transferred.

* Available functions depend on paired Bluetooth devices.

Digital Voice Recording

The new IDAS radios can record incoming and outgoing communications, and replay recorded communications. When a 32 GB microSD* card is used, a Max. 500 hours recording is possible. The recorded audio is saved in “wav” format and allows replay on the radio or a PC.

* MicroSD card is required separately.

Motion/Stationary Detection Sensors

For emergency situations, the new IDAS radios have an emergency button and five emergency-related functions: man down, motion detection, stationary detection, lone worker and power OFF emergency functions. The motion/stationary sensor sensitivity level is programmable in 10 levels for each function.

* Man down, motion detection and stationary detection for handheld radios only.

Transparent Data/ Text Message

The new IDAS radios can be used as a transparent data modem which transmits various data at 9600 bps over the radio channel using 12.5 kHz channel spacing. Text messages can send up to 100 characters text data message and scrolls the received message on the display.

ANC (Active Noise Canceling)

The ANC assists in providing clear comment. Some specified noise sources (such as sirens or boiler noise) can be canceled.

Audio Equalizer

The Audio equalizer allows you to tailor the audio tone to suit speech characteristics and the language in use. Five types of tone controls – flat, high boost, middle boost, low boost and low cut – are available. The audio auto gain control function controls the speech audio to a constant, regardless of the input magnitudes of the voice or distance of the microphone from the mouth.

GPS Receiver

The position data can be sent with voice call or status call and can be used with an AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) system. The GPS log functions log user position data at regular intervals and can be saved to a microSD card. The new IDAS radios can show direction and distance to another radio or specified point, and notifies you with a beep sound if the target is in the specified range.

USB Port for PC Connection

The new IDAS radios can be connected to a PC through a USB port for programming radios and accessing the installed microSD card in mass storage mode.

Voice Announcement

The new IDAS radios can notify channel number, zone and channel type with voice announcement. This function is convenient for making radio adjustments without having to look at the radio.

Vibration Alert

When a call from a specific user is received, the new IDAS handheld radios vibrate powerfully enough to be felt through heavy clothing. Vibration patterns are programmable.

Waterproof and Dustight with AquaQuake™ Function

The new IDAS handheld radios are IP68 waterproof and dusttight protection (1m depth for 1 hour). They also incorporate an AquaQuake draining function by emitting a vibrating buzz sound.

General Features

  • 136–174MHz, 380–470, 450–512MHz wide frequency coverage
  • 1024 memory channels programmable
  • MIL-STD rugged construction
  • 14-pin ACC connector with BTL amplifier output
  • 32 memory channels (IC-F3400D series only)
  • VOX (Voice Operated transmission) function
  • Internal clock
  • High-speed scanning for Voting and multi-site operation
  • Tactical group function for temporary regroup user groups
  • Normal, priority and voting scan

IDAS™ Features

  • IDAS conventional and multi-site conventional
  • Type-D single-site trunking and multi-site trunking*
  • Type-C trunking*
  • Analog/Digital conventional mixed mode operation
  • Status • Text message
  • Call alert • Radio check
  • Radio Stun/Revive/Kill
  • Remote monitor

* Type-C and Type-D multi-site trunking are license key upgrade options.

Analog FM Mode Features

  • 2-tone, 5-tone, CTCSS and DTCS built-in
  • DTMF autodial and DTMF decode
  • MDC 1200 compatible
  • Basic LTR™ trunking
  • Audio compander
  • Inversion voice scrambler
  • Forced narrow function

Supplied Accessories

  • Battery pack
  • BP-283
  • Belt clip
  • MB-133

(May differ or not supplied according to version)

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Icom’s Smallest, Waterproof IDAS™ Handheld

The F52D series portables are the perfect radio to migrate from the F50/V series to IDAS digital. Small and lightweight the F52D series comes with dozens of modern features and functions customers will want. The portable also includes popular F50V features like submergibility, vibration alert, and voice recording/playback for up to 8 minutes. New features include built-in Bluetooth™, a continuous 20-position rotary selector and ON/OFF volume knob that’s tilted for easy access, better dot-matrix display with status icons, and OTAP. Icom is the choice when you want to take your communications to the next level.


  • Channels: 512 channels w/128 zones
  • Output Power: 5W
  • Frequencies: 136-174, 380-470 or 450-512 MHz
  • Digital Conventional: IDAS built-in
  • Digital Trunking: Upgrade available
  • Programmable Keys: 6
  • Waterproof Rating: IP67

Vibration Function

When pre-programmed 2-tone, 5-Tone, MDC, and/or IDAS signals are received, the radio can vibrate with enough force to be felt through clothing.

Voice Recorder

Turn on and off the recording manually (with a button) and it will automatically record every incoming call and every transmission from that time forward for up to eight (8) minutes. The F52D series also allows users to program the radio to automatically record all RX and TX all the time, and old messages will delete when the memory is full. Push a pre-programmed button on the radio allowing you to hear “the last message.”

Get product brochure and manual. Please provide your information to gain access.

Contact Us for a demo: 1.855.85.wicom or Calgary 403.250.8474


Safety Features

For emergency situations the F52D series includes an emergency key and four emergency functions: man down, motion detection, stationary detection and lone worker. The motion/stationary sensor sensitivity level is programmable in 10 levels for each function.

IDAS Features

The F52D series provides NXDN™ CAI-based IDAS digital model operation in IDAS conventional and multi-site conventional. The following IDAS features available:

  • Analog/digital conventional mixed mode operation
  • Upgrade to Type-D trunking
  • AMBE+2™ vocoder
  • Over-the-Air Programming with manager software
  • Over-the-Air Alias (OAA) sends own name with a call
  • Over-the-Air Update (OTAU) changes the repeater channel data and site code over the air (Type-D trunking)
  • Individual, group call
  • Status call and polling
  • Short data message
  • Transparent date mode

Additional Features

  • Hands-free communication with built-in Bluetooth®
  • Transparent data modem can transmit data at 9600bps over the radio
  • Channel voice announcement
  • Built-in 2-tone, 5-tone, CTCSS, DTCS & MDC1200 in analog
  • VOX (voice operated transmission) function
  • Tactical group function
  • Normal, priority and voting scan
  • Voting scan for site roaming
  • Digital voice scrambler (low level encryption)
  • Analog voice scrambler (inversion)


IECEx/ATEX Intrinsically Safe IDAS VHF/UHF Portables

Safe and reliable communications is a must in potentially explosive atmospheres. The F3201DEX series operates in both analog and IDAS digital modes and can be used with any existing analog two-way radios. Digital functions include multi-site conventional and Type-D single site trunking. These IDAS radios include a 15-bit digital voice scrambler and voting scan for multi-site conventional operation. The F3201DEX series should be your radio choice for use in hazardous environments.

  • Channels: 16 channels
  • Output Power: 1W
  • Frequencies: 136-174 MHz, 440-470 MHz
  • Waterproof Rating: IP67
  • Programmable Keys: 3

ATEX (Atmospheres Explosibles) European Standard

EX - intrinsincally iafe logo - Icom f3201dexThis is the European Union directive to which all two-way radios must adhere if used in potentially explosive environments. ATEX and IEC have technically identical standards for electrical equipment since 2006. The F3201DEX series will provide some of the highest ATEX Gas, Dust and Mining Protection.

Safety Features

The F3201DEX series has a number of built-in safety features in analog mode. The lone worker function detects when the radio is not operated for a preset period and a beep sounds requiring the user to push a button. If no button is pushed within the preset time, an emergency signal automatically transmits and alerts co-workers or dispatcher. The man down function sends an emergency signal if left in a horizontal position.

In both analog and digital mode, the user can program the red Emergency button to send an emergency tone when pushed.

Other Features

  • Channel announcement
  • 2-tone, 5-tone, CTCSS and DTCS built-in for analog mode
  • MDC1200 PTT ID and emergency transmission
  • DTMF autodial
  • Low electrical resistivity body

Get product brochure and manual. Please provide your information to gain access.

Contact Us for a demo:
1.855.85.wicom or Calgary 403.250.8474


Supplied Accessories

  • Battery pack, BP-277EX
  • Battery charger, BC-212EX
  • Belt clip, MB-94EX
  • AC adapter, BC-123S
  • Antenna
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