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A fully-managed phone system in the cloud. Focus on what’s important. Move your business forward. Enterprise-grade communications at an affordable cost. Advanced customer-focused features.

VoIP makes easy what seems impossible with traditional phone networks.

Take your VoIP phone with you on a trip, and anywhere you connect it to the Internet, you can receive your incoming calls. When using VoIP phones, you can easily work from anywhere with a good internet connection..


Smart offices accommodate the demand for convenient communication and collaboration anytime and anywhere.

Key features include:

  • High-quality phones that are easy to operate;
  • Support for multiple applications for various business settings;
  • Integration with office software, implementation of collaborative work; and
  • Support for mobile workers unbounded from an office setting


Most employees require that an IP phone be reliable and offer stable performance. IT staff also require auto provisioning and update support for mass deployment to facilitate management.

Detailed requirements include:

  • Auto-deployment, plug-and-play;
  • Support for local server network settings (VLAN, security protocols, etc.); and
  • Stable performance, HD voice and ease-of-use.


Receptionists or  Secretaries are some of the busiest persons in any organization. They are on the phone all day, directing incoming calls to various departments and extensions.

Requirements for their desk phones include:

  • Multi-line support;
  • Efficient operations; and
  • Support for Bluetooth headsets, especially when multitasking.


Collaboration and teamwork make an important contribution to business success as workers become more and more specialized. Multi-party conferencing is an essential work tool for today’s businesses. Efficient and productive meetings allow faster decision-making, greater productivity and competitiveness. General requirements for audio conferencing include:

  • Excellent voice quality and clarity;
  • Full phone features; and
  • Flexibility


Executives now can join a video conference from their own office desktop or even from home without moving to a fixed conference room, saving time and increasing convenience and efficiency.

VoIP Business Voice System
VoIP Business Voice System

72% say “effective team communication” has become more important over the past two years.
54% re investing in easier-to-use collaboration solutions.
64% report that collaboration with external parties has increased in importance.

Source: Cisco

VoIP Business Voice System
VoIP Business Voice System

Enterprise Phone System Features at Small Business Prices

  • 100% Hosted in the Cloud
    Rest assured your system is the most redundant and feature rich, without expensive equipment to buy for your location.
  • 100s of Phones to Choose
    VoIP phone solution uses any SIP compliant phone. Choose from hundreds of phone models, from the very simple to highly extravagant.
  • Fully Mobile Phone Enabled
    Use convenient softphones from your iOS or Android Devices anywhere. Options are also available for your laptop and tablet.
  • Analytics at Your Fingertips
    You have complete control of your phone system from any browser. Control your business communications like never before.
  • The Best Value
    The most value priced and fully featured phone solution in Canada. All of the most modern features are included with one simple price.
  • Contact Centre Features
    Ever wish you had the same ability to service your customers like big businesses do? Now you can with fully featured queues and reporting.
  • Available Anywhere at Anytime
    Work from anywhere. Have home-based teams? Multiple business locations tied together instantly and easily.
  • Support is Always Included
    No longer pay for expensive technicians to show up on site. You are enabled to make your own changes or call us to remotely support you.
  • Auto Attendants Included
    Let our Auto Attendant feature answer your phones and direct customers to the right teams or staff with ease.

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