Mobile Office - Workforce Management & Digital Forms.

Digital Form solutions from Bell help you review work schedules with proof of arrivals and departures, save time by avoiding unnecessary trips to the office, and reduce costs by eliminating form printing and repeat data entry. Designed to help you:

  • Complete deliveries and trips on time and on budget
  • Replace traditional paper forms with digital forms
  • Improve accuracy by avoiding duplication, errors when decoding handwriting on forms used for recording delivery confirmation, project updates, and inspections.

Workforce management and digital forms give you access to:

  • Wireless forms and signature capture
  • Timesheet and travel tracking
  • Cost savings on papers and supplies

See how Bell has designed successful mobile business solutions for companies small and large across Canada.


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Workforce Manager

Workforce Manager makes your mobile workers more productive and efficient. Workers can clock in right from their Bell smartphone. They can select a job, review the details and get turn-by-turn driving directions right from their device. Upon arrival, workers can update their status to On Site. Management and dispatch will see the status update within the web portal moments later. Once the work is completed, the worker can update a job status to Completed and collect a signature, or description of work.

Mobile office

Create a mobile office wherever your job takes you with solutions from Bell. Using a hotspot, connect one or many devices on a job site (laptops, smartphones, tablets and wireless printers) to help save on costs. You can quickly set up a network connection and connect multiple devices - like a mini office - from just about anywhere.

With a mobile job site from Bell, you can:

  • Control costs using one hotspot for multiple devices while on the road
  • Keep the team working efficiently with data speeds on the LTE network
  • Stay in touch across Canada with nationwide coverage

Fleet management

When you don’t have proper visibility of all your assets in transit and continual contact with drivers, managing your fleet can be difficult.
With Fleet management solutions, you can:

  • Get remote access to a vehicle's current speed, engine idle state, and location
  • Monitor your assets for the purpose of theft prevention, inventory management and productivity
  • Run and review comprehensive reports in real-time

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