AVIGILON Network Video Recorders


Exceptional Throughput, Retention and Performance

The fifth-generation Avigilon Network Video Recorder (NVR5) delivers unparalleled, high-performance recording, throughput, data availability, and protection for your Avigilon video security system. Featuring the densest storage capacity Avigilon has to offer on a single NVR, security teams can quickly scale up to petabytes of storage at a single location, with up to 432TB in storage per NVR.


Generation NVR5 NVR5 NVR5 NVR4X NVR4
Storage Capacity 252TB to 432TB 192TB to 224TB |
96TB to 160TB
16TB to 64TB 16TB to 48TB 6TB to 24TB
Max. Total Throughput (Mbps) 2100 2100 1,4005 1,150 428
Max. Record Rate (Mbps) 1,500 1,500 8005 700 300
Max. Playback Rate 6003 6003 600 450 128
Appearance Search Only 200 200 200 200 504
Facial Recognition + Appearance Search 50 50 50 50 154
LPR Lanes2, 10FPS (<48 KM/H) 10 10 | 6 6 2 1
Support1 5YR 4HR, Mission Critical 5YR 4HR, Mission Critical 5YR NBD 5YR NBD 3YR NBD
Redundancy RAID 60 RAID 60 | RAID 6 RAID 6 RAID 6 RAID 5
Out of Band Management iLO Advanced iDRAC Enterprise iDRAC Enterprise iDRAC Enterprise iDRAC Express

Avigilon Appearance Search™ Support

Solid State Drive
Solid State Drive
Solid State Drive
Solid State Drive

*NVR4X Standard Models will be available while quantities last.

1 Warranty coverage and support Service Level Agreement is subject to end user’s geographic location. Please refer to https://www.avigilon.com/support/warranty/avigilon for more information.

2 Requires ACC 7.14.10 or later.

3 The maximum playback throughput for Premium can be increased by reducing the recording throughput.

4 The NVR4 Value requires an additional GPU kit to enable Avigilon Appearance Search technology.

5 The maximum recording throughput for Standard can be increased by adding a second CPU kit and a 10GbE Network Card.


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