Staff in security or public-facing roles who don’t feel safe at work are more likely to leave the company, utilize employer healthcare services at a higher rate, or bring insurance and legal claims against the employer when a safety incident occurs. Employers who provide body-worn cameras as part of an employee health, safety and/or accountability program can find success in increasing workplace security and safety.

Motorola Solutions’ body-worn cameras are designed to extend your current video security program by providing live, first-person perspective video and audio from confrontational incidents between staff and the public. Its seamless integration with Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software can augment existing fixed video security deployments by displaying body-worn camera footage alongside fixed camera feeds to expedite response times, protect staff and dispute false claims.



Light Weight and Unobtrusive

The small and discreet VT100 can easily be assigned to staff and attached to uniforms like an ID badge.

Easy To Use

No formal training is required to operate and can seamlessly integrate with existing workflows.


Six-month stand-by battery life means you won’t need to worry about charging the device often.

Customer Friendly Appearance

For customer-facing staff, the VT100 features a brandable front tag that can be customized with a logo or name.

Accessible and Affordable

Enterprises with a large workforce and/or multiple locations can rapidly and cost-effectively allocate VT100s as part of a health, safety or accountability program.

Wi-Com’s Two-way Radio rental experts will collaborate with you to better understand your industry and business so we can create a custom plan designed to meet your specific business and financial objectives.


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