AXIS M4308-PLE Panoramic Camera 

  • 12 MP sensor with 360° overview
  • Stereographic lens and Sharpdome 360
  • Lightfinder, Forensic WDR, OptimizedIR
  • Support for analytics with deep learning
  • 4 microphones with voice enhancer


Extended possibilities

AXIS M4308-PLE offers great possibilities to add value to your camera and extend the functionality of your surveillance system. With a DLPU, this mini dome enables unique opportunities to take advantage of analytics based on deep learning on the edge. It comes with AXIS Object Analytics allowing you to detect and classify humans and vehicles for reliable detection with fewer false alarms. And, with forensic search functionality, it eliminates the need to scroll through endless hours of video surveillance and you can search through hours of video in seconds.

Sharp images and audio

Featuring a stereographic lens, AXIS M4308-PLE ensures a higher resolution around the outer portion of the view so objects located in the camera’s peripheral view can be captured more clearly. Thanks to Sharpdome 360, this panoramic camera delivers greater sharpness at the edges of the image. With a 12 MP sensor, it offers excellent image quality and a complete 180° or 360° overview, around the clock regardless of the light conditions. It includes Axis Lightfinder and Axis Forensic WDR for true colors and great details in challenging light or near darkness. Plus, Axis OptimizedIR for surveillance in pitch darkness. Featuring four built-in microphones with voice enhancer it offers high-quality audio capture and great noise suppression. And, with complete 360° overview you’ll be sure to record everything with no blind spots.

Secure and easy

Based on a powerful Axis chipset, AXIS M4308-PLE features Axis Edge Vault to protect your Axis device ID and simplify authorization of Axis devices on your network. It’s delivered factory-focused for ease of installation. And, with digital roll functionality you can remotely adjust the rotation of the camera overview– no need to do it manually on each camera. The discreet, flat design blends seamlessly into any environment. Furthermore, Axis Zipstream with support for H.264 and H.265 video compression significantly reduces bandwidth and storage requirements.

Lightfinder icon


Capture color images in low-light conditions.READ MORE

Wide dynamic range icon

Wide Dynamic Range - WDR

For maximum forensic value and usability in scenes with both very bright and very dark areas.READ MORE

OptimizedIR icon


For advanced and powerful camera-integrated IR solutions.READ MORE



AXIS Object Analytics icon

AXIS Object Analytics

AI-based object detection and classification

icon for axis speed monitor

AXIS Speed Monitor

Visualize radar data and get actionable insights

AXIS Video Motion Detection icon

AXIS Video Motion Detection


AXIS Fence Guard icon

AXIS Fence Guard

For intrusion detection

AXIS Loitering Guard icon

AXIS Loitering Guard

For detecting loiterers

AXIS Motion Guard icon

AXIS Motion Guard

Smart motion detection

Additional information


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