MOTOROLA VB400 Body Camera

Get the police body camera that's right for you

No two agencies are the same. Whatever you need from a police body camera - live streaming, radio integration, a swappable battery - our V300 and VB400
body cameras are up to the task.

Intuitive to operate, easy to integrate with existing architecture and workflows, equipped with all of the crucial features you need for a body camera - the VB400 body camera is the budget-friendly choice for small to mid-size agencies.

An independent witness for security guards and police officers.

The VB400 body camera is designed to make it easy for your team to capture high-quality, first-person video - whether they're working in security or small to mid-size police agencies.




Keeping Police Officers and Security Guards Safe with the VB400 Body Camera

With the VB400 body camera, security guards and police officers can be in control of every situation - no matter how, or where, they work. Designed for the rigors of the job with full-shift recording, multiple ways to connect and intuitive controls.


Long battery life for full shift recording

Pre- and post-record documents vital context

Full HD recording in 1080p

Bluetooth® & Wi-Fi® connectivity

Peer-assisted recording captures all viewpoints

GPS helps you keep eyes on your team

Encryption ensures video is unquestionable

Flexible mounts accommodate all uniforms


Always Ready to Record

Every aspect of the VB400, from its diverse mounting options to rugged outer casing, is built with your team in mind - no matter how or where they work.

Intuitive Operation, Immediate Results

With its ergonomic design, seamless checkout experience and simple workflows, the VB400 is easy to use day-to-day and ensures your team can capture high-quality evidential video when it’s most important.

See The Bigger Picture

Whether you’re using a single VB400 or streaming live body-worn and fixed video into one VMS, the VB400’s connectivity enables you to understand the full context of an event and improves situational awareness.

Maintain Evidential Integrity

Your VB400 automatically encrypts and secures the footage it records - so only authorized users can access it using our backend software, VideoManager EX, for processing and review purposes.

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