PELCO Sarix Professional 4 Series Dome

Sarix® Professional 4 Series Dome

The Sarix® Professional 4 Series dome is a versatile, cost-effective security camera with enhanced imaging capabilities. The camera can produce high-quality video with sharp details, even in low-light conditions. Equipped with Pelco Smart Analytics, powered by Motorola Solutions, this camera can detect critical events and increase your security teams’ productivity by expediting real-time responses and forensic investigations.

  • 2, 3 and 5 MP options
  • Wide Dynamic Range up to 130db
  • Autofocus motorized remote zoom lens
  • Adaptive IR illumination up to 50m
  • IP66/67 & Type 4x for environmental ruggedness


More integrated and flexible

Pelco Smart Analytics, powered by Motorola Solutions, enhances the camera’s ability to detect critical events and the responses of security teams. The camera can operate effectively in low-light and high-contrast situations thanks to True Wide Dynamic Range, low-light sensitivity and adaptive IR.

Enhanced imaging quality

Achieve high-quality video with sharp details

Pelco smart analytics, powered by Motorola Solutions

Detects critical events with great accuracy, enabling fast tactical responses, even in crowded scenes

Adaptive IR up to 50m (Select Models)

Produces detailed images up to 50m in very dark environments and even in zero light

True wide dynamic range

Brings out crucial details in both bright and dark areas for maximum visibility

Pelco smart compression technology

Reduces bandwidth and storage needs by up to 70% without compromising image quality

Robust modular design

Simple and intuitive to install

Impact & weather rated

Impact, water and dust resistance (IK10, IP66/67 & Type 4X)

ONVIF® compliant

ONVIF Profile S, G, T and M compliance allows for easy integration with existing ONVIF infrastructures

Trusted platform module

Brings increased data security with an onboard TPM to secure cryptographic keys

5-year warranty

Assembled in manufacturing facilities in North America, with a five-year warranty

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