VE-SP1 Portable Speakerphone



Portable Speakerphone for Icom IP Transceivers Provides Multi-Site Voice Conference.

Using IP501H, Speakerphone is able to provide
wide area and instantaneous communication.
Loud Audio 100 mW
Able to charge the IP transceiver
Compact, Rugged, Easy to carry
Lightweight - about 595 grams (1.3 pounds)
8 LR6 (AA) alkaline batteries can be used


Multi-Site Voice Conference

For Voice Conferences Between the Head and Branch Offices

You can have an efficient meeting, as if all staff members were in the same room, regardless of the distance of the multiple locations.


For a Staff Room at an Event Site

All staff members in a back office can share information with other members in different locations at an event site. Quick information sharing can provide swifter and better service in a timely manner.


For Information Sharing in Disasters

A report from a stricken area through IP transceivers can be heard through the headquarters’ VE-SP1. Therefore, all members at headquarters can instantly be kept up-to-date on the emergency situation.

Power Supply Voltage 12–16V DC, 8 LR6 (AA) alkaline batteries
Dimensions (W)×(H)×(D) 216.8 × 52.8 × 173.3 mm, 8.5 × 2.1 × 6.8 in
Weight Approximately 595 g, 1.3 lb( Excluding alkaline batteries)
Max. current drain Less than 1 A
Operating temperature –10 to +60°C, +14°F to +140°F

+10 to +40°C, +50°F to +104°F (When used with the AC adapter)

Audio output 1.1 W (8 Ω load, 10% distortion)
Compatible transceivers IP501H, IP503H, IP503H Lite

Supplied Accessories

  • OPC-2397 Cable for the transceiver connection
  • BC-242 AC adapter (USA, EUR, UK, and AUS input plugs included)
  • SM-1 External microphone (With a PTT switch. Cable length: 3 m, 9.84 ft)

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