Custom Built Fixed Asset Management Software + Bundled Technical Services = Service PLUS+

Track and manage your communications equipment with ease.

Asset management has become increasingly important for businesses of all sizes, government organizations and agencies and we at Wi-Com know all too well the importance of decreasing costs and maximizing benefits of each asset.

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Why Choose Service PLUS+ for Your Business?

Whether you have a Preferred Platinum Rental Package or you’ve acquired your own communication gear we have a customized package built just for you.

Improve Accountability

You have made a significant investment in your communications equipment. But, how well do you know the status of all that equipment once it is deployed? You need a comprehensive solution for the maintenance and management of your communications assets. Ideally, your tracking application should include:

  • A centralized tracking database that can be accessed from any device to manage all of your issued equipment.

  • An easy-to-use work ticket creation process for issuing and scheduling repair activities

  • A method of tracking assets and inventory.

  • Reduce theft and loss with custom asset engraving.

  • A built-in dashboard application that allows you to quickly view performance metrics

  • With Asset Management, you can close the gap in your maintenance cycles and streamline your communications asset management process

The Solution – Service PLUS+

Having the right equipment in the hands of users at the right time is vital to running a smooth operation.

Inventory Management

Robust Tracking Capabilities


  • Provides a centralized database to  store  all  communications inventory with help from the Wi-Com Solutions team.
  • Full inventory verification. An accurate picture of what you have.
  • Track Serialized and Non serialized equipment of all varieties with information such as purchase cost, warranty information, firmware version, status, last service date, etc
  • Enables quick and efficient searching  and  reporting capabilities of status of your equipment between departments and different locations including spares
  • Plan purchases with all up to date information inputted at no charge by Wi-Com Solutions!
  • Optimize acquisition to ensure assets are in line with organizational goals
  • Improve security and theft deterrance
  • Reduce taxes and insurance premiums
  • Reduce theft and loss with custom asset engraving.

Maintenance Management & Reporting

Preventive Maintenance flexibility

  • Improve Maintenance tracking to maximize asset lifespan
  • Superior problem and defect recognition
  • Significant savings potential is fixing problems quicker with your communications
  • Provides easy-to-use work ticket creation process as well as maintenance
  • Identify bottlenecks; make informed decisions.
  • Improve service delivery

Safety Compliance

  • Let us provide full inventory and maintenance records for your COR or companies safety compliance.
  • Better compliance for accounting or government
  • Lockout Tag Out, Repair, Inventory, maintenance,

Wi-Com Two-Way Radio Solutions


Wi-Com Solutions prides itself with proficient creativity and technical resources, knowledge and expertise to hear each of our unique customers’ needs to deliver custom radio solutions, including integrations. We take pride on our internal solution-based team network, working with the top of the line technicians, engineers and project managers.

Additional Features & Benefits

Asset Lifecycle Management

  • Manage from Procurement, Maintenance, Depreciation to Disposal

Dashboard capabilities

  • Generate a quick assessment of radio management performance metrics

Easy to use/ Web based cloud

  • Only a browser is needed to access the system across computers or mobile
  • Set tiered access within your company for information to the people who need it
  • Secured in a Tier 1 Data Centre right here in Western Canada

Barcoding and Import Capabilities From Your Existing Database

  • Simplifies the tracking of assets.
  • Import your existing database

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