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Two-way radio rentals by the day, week or month

Two Way Radio Rentals

Wi-Com Solutions has one of the largest most modern two-way radio rental fleets in Canada.  We rent high quality handhelds, truck mounts, repeaters and complete trunked systems from trusted Manufacturers like Motorola, Icom and Vertex short or long term rental by the day, week or month.

Whether you need a VHF road radio or Intrinsically safe handheld in Oil and Gas, a proven tested and tough handhelds used in commercial construction or have  a community/ charity event, production or special short term requirement we have all the best communication gear to help you communicate effectively

Our VHF, UHF, 800MHz and trunking radios and systems come with a  full complement of every accessory in the trade and are all fully bench tested to ensure the highest reliability and dependability.


Authorized Motorola re-seller


Wi-Com Solutions is an authorized Motorola re-seller and carries a wide selection of radios. We have demo versions of these radios and please call us for a quote!


Land Mobile • Aviation • Marine


Wi-com sells the latest two-way radios from ICOM. Stop by our store to see different types of products we offer or contact us for a free quote today.

Why Choose Wi-Com

  • The very best communication gear in the business
  • Experienced and Professional Team
  • 24/7 Service and Support with on call staff
  • Preferential long term rental pricing and customized short term rental pricing with sponsorship opportunities (See our Community Page)

  • Motorola CM200/CM300 16 to 32 Channel Analog
  • Motorola CDM1250 128 Channel Analog
  • Motorola XPR4550 160 Channel Digital Trunking
  • Icom F5023 VHF 128 channel Analog
  • Icom F5061/5061D Analog/Digital 512 Channel Digital

  • Motorola CP185/CP200/CP200D 16 channel Analog/Digital
  • Motorola HT750/HT1250 16-128 Channel Analog Trunking
  • Motorola XPR3000/3500 16-128 Channel Digital Trunking
  • Motorola XPR6350/6550 16-128 Channel Digital Trunking
  • Motorola XPR7550 1000 Channel Full Color LCD Digital Trunking
  • Motorola XPR7550 CSA I.S. 1000 Channel Full Color LCD Digital Trunking
  • Icom F3033 128 Channel VHF Radios
  • Icom F3161/3261 512 channel Analog/Digital IDAS/NXDN Radios

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