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It’s not just about the price, the product, or the model, it’s also about how and where the cellular booster is installed.

Wi-Com Solutions, your authorized cellular booster dealer located in Calgary, provides booster installations across Canada and we are uniquely positioned as one of the only certified dealers that can offer professional product advice and installation to ensure that you receive the best cellular signal.

Service Plus

Why Choose Service PLUS+ for Your Cellular Signal Booster?

Our clients provide us with the location of their cellular problem, the square footage required to cover, and their carrier of choice and we do the rest.  We take the information provided and input it into our 3D software which will assist us in determining which cellular towers are available, where to install the antenna(s), and how high to mount.  We will then work with the client onsite to install the signal booster while recommending and minimizing any potential signal problems such as trees and snow build up.   Just because the product is more expensive it does not mean it will work the best. We will help you select the best and most affordable product for your situation and coverage area.

What to expect from other dealers:

  • No customer service.

  • Inexperienced and or no product selection advice.

  • No installation and or inexperienced installers.

  • No increase or minimal increase in signal reception.

  • Limited product selection.

  • Spending more money than you need to.

  • Purchasing the wrong product for your location and situation.

  • No long term customer service.

  • No guarantee on cellular signal increase (if location permits).

What to expect from Wi-Com Solutions Service +Plus:

  • We will take your information and determine best course of action.

  • We use 3D software to determine best product and installation location.

  • We will not sell you a booster product that will not work for your situation.

  • Our sales and technical staff are very experienced in all booster products.

  • We will recommend other solutions if a booster will not work in your location.

  • Professional installation to gain access to the best available cellular signal.

  • Recommendations to client on how to keep signal at it’s best with changing seasons, ect.

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