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Motorola VX Series Mobiles

Increase the area in which your workers are able to talk by utilizing wide-area communication solutions that help connect your on-the-go workforce, whether you have a small shop or nationwide business. Motorola’s diverse array of portable and mobile business radios are designed to meet your business communication needs.

VX-2200 Mobile Two-Way Radio


For basic mobile communications, look to the VX-2100/2200 Series.

Choose from two mobile analog radios: the VX-2100 (without display) and VX-2200 (with display). They install easily in small spaces, and their die cast aluminum construction helps dissipate heat and absorb vibration for added durability.  The channel capacity is 8 channels for easy operation on the VX-2100 or 128 channels for large group communications on the VX-2200. And optimize your operations with multiple scanning options.



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  •  Compact, Durable Construction
  • Broad Channel Capacity:

– 128 Channels (VX-2200)
– 8 Channels (VX-2100)

  •  6 Programmable Keys
  •  Display:

– 1-Character Numeric (VX-2100)
– 8-Character Alphanumeric (VX-2200)

  •  Safety Features:

– Emergency Alert
– Lone Worker Alert

  •  Scan Options:

– Basic
– Priority
– Dual Watch
– Follow-Me
– Follow-Me Dual Watch
– Talk Around

  •  Busy Channel Lock Out (BCLO)
  •  Busy Tone Lock Out (BTLO)
  •  Time Out Timer (TOT)
  •  Remote Listen
  •  Programmable Minimum Volume
  •  D-Sub 15 Pin Accessory Connector
  •  Public Address/Horn Alert
  •  Radio-to-Radio Cloning
  •  Auto Range Transponding System (ARTS™)


  •  CTCSS/DCS Encode and Decode
  •  2-Tone Encode/Decode
  •  5-Tone Signaling
  •  DTMF Paging
  •  DTMF Speed Dial
  •  Stun/Kill/Revive (5-Tone)
  •  RSSI Signal Strength Indicator

Physical Characteristics

  • Weight: 2.87 lbs (1.3 kg)

  • Dimensions H x W x D: 1.8 x 6.5 x 6.1 Inches (45 x 165 x 155mm)

Additional information


Our Two-way Radio experts collaborate with you to better understand your industry and business, create a custom plan designed to meet your specific business and financial objectives.

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