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Imagine being able to connect to the people and data that matter most – in the places and times that traditional communications don't always work. Wi-Com Solutions Satellite Phones, GPS Messenger and AVL Fleet Tracking provide you or your team with the communication you need to ensure you're never left with silence.

We ensure your signal is loud and clear.

  • Best Globalstar Satellite Phones & Bundles

  • Wi-Com Solutions presents Trakopolis, enabling you to efficiently manage your mobile workforce and assets
  • SPOT Trace tracks your most valuable assets virtually anywhere in the world, on your phone or computer
  • SPOT Gen3 lets family and friends know you're okay or send emergency responders your GPS location, all at the push of a button

The Best Products: Communication Anywhere, Anytime!

SPOTx Satellite Phones and GPS Systems

Satellite Phones
Wi-Com Solutions is your source for Globalstar phones & bundles in the Calgary area. We also offer Iridium and Inmarsat Satellite phones. Not sure which one to choose? Contact us today for a consultation either for sales or rentals.

SPOTx Satellite Phones and GPS Systems

Satillite Wi-Fi Hot Spot | GPS Messengers
Wi-Com has several solutions for GPS related needs. Track anything, or be tracked. Globalstar SPOT and Delorme inReach Explorer and SE. Save your life or someone else’s. Available for sales and rental.

SPOTx Satellite Phones and GPS Systems

GPS/Automatic Vehicle Location
Wi-Com Solutions is a preferred dealer and distributor of several different industry driven fleet management solutions. Increase business inefficiencies by saving valuable time and money. Sales, service, installation and rental.


  • Easily create a complete satellite phone system in your vehicle or vessel from the smallest car to the largest aircraft carrier
  • Antenna and cable length options were designed for ease of installation on land or sea
  • Simply use the phone hands-free with the optional industrial noise-canceling headset
  • Lightweight: 7.05 ounces
  • Backlit colour display optimized for outdoor daytime viewing
  • Long-life battery: 4 hours talk time, 36 hours standby


  • Toughest military-grade handset ever built
  • Highest ingress protection (IP) rating in the industry (IP65)
  • GPS-enabled location-based services
  • Supports online tracking and Google Mapping services
  • Programmable, GPS-enabled, one-touch SOS button
  • Smallest Iridium phone ever
  • Diamond treated, tapered grip for in-hand ergonomics
  • Rugged, high-gain antenna


  • Robust handset has been engineered to cope with anything that nature can throw at it – from searing heat to icy blasts, desert sandstorms or monsoon rain
  • Unrivalled battery life – 8 hours of talk time and up to 160 hours on standby
  • Ideal for the most demanding of users in sectors such as civil government, oil and gas, NGOs, and media
  • Operates over the global Inmarsat satellite network, which has an average network availability of 99.9 percent; reliable voice connectivity, wherever and whenever you need it
  • Fast network registration in under 45 seconds
  • Operates over Inmarsat’s I-4 global geostationary satellites, ensuring call stability and reliable network connection
  • Operates at -20°C to +55°C, humidity tolerance from 0 to 95 percent, dust, splash and shock resistant (IP65, IK04)
  • High-visibility, scratch-resistant transflective display readable in bright sunlight

Stay connected while off the grid...just in case!

When you’re stepping off the grid, take the SPOTX, SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger or the Sat-Fi2 with you. 100% satellite technology provides emergency communications, personal messaging, email, wi-fi and location-based tracking. SPOT’s global network of satellites let’s you send messages from almost anywhere on the planet with your GPS location.

Whether you’re hiking, fishing off-shore, 4-wheeling, driving across country with your family or working remotely outdoors, SPOT and Sat-Fi2 helps you stay connected.

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Trakopolis: Your Best GPS/Automatic Vehicle Location Service

Trakopolis is a cloud based platform for interfacing mobile communications, software applications and location based services. The platform will enable you to efficiently manage your mobile workforce and assets.

The system provides dashboards and analytics for our customer’s location aware assets, as well as real time alerting, tracking, and administration. Trakopolis will provide significant value to you by decreasing your costs and increasing the efficiency of your business operation. Trakopolis assists customers to be compliant with Lone Worker legislation, Hour of Service Regulations, and International Fuel Tax Agreements. Trakopolis is an enabling platform that combines location-based connectivity with cloud–based analytics to significantly enhance business intelligence.